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Monitoring a room or car using audio “Bugging” devices

how to use audio recording bugging devices

There are also ways to monitor the conversations taking place in a vehicle or rooms such as offices, bedrooms or any other room that your partner many have the chance to meet or talk to their lover.

The easiest is to use the same voice activated recorders as described in the previous chapter. Simply use the same instructions as for monitoring conversations in a vehicle.

Hide the recorder under a couch, under a table, on top of cabinets, in a vent, etc.. You can retrieve the recorder later and listen to what was said.

“Listen In” in Real Time

If you want to listen to a conversation as it is happening it gets a little tricky. Bugging devices as most people think of them are illegal to even own in the united states. They can however be purchased online and are easy to find by doing a search for wireless listening device or wireless bug.

You can also adapt a wireless microphone designed for use with a camcorder to monitor a room in real time. The microphone and receiver are both battery operated. Simply place the microphone in the target room and using the receiver you will be able to hear what is going on from about one hundred yards away (distance depends on certain conditions such as interference and thickness of walls).

You could also use a cell phone to monitor a room. Most cell phone will have features that enable the phone to automatically answer without ringing. Simply find the options on a cell phone. They can usually be found under the settings menu. Once you have the phone set to answer automatically without ringing hide the phone in the room that you want to monitor. When you want to hear what is going on around the phone simply call the number and listen as much as you want. The only limitations would be the battery life of the phone. To remedy this problem you could plug the phone into a wall outlet using the charger that was supplied with the phone.

“Disposable” or “burner” pay as you go phones can be purchased for as little as twenty nine dollars at your local Target or Walmart store.

The main problem with this method is that if you do not happen to be listening at just the right moment you will miss what you want to hear. It is for this reason that I suggest using a voice activated recorder.

I want to emphasize that these these methods of eavesdropping may be illegal. It all depends on where you live. It is up to you to check your local laws.

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