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Exposing Infidelity

Despite popular belief, most lying and cheating does not get discovered because a suspicious spouse is good at reading his or her partner’s behavior.

Typically, romantic partners get caught in one of two ways:

Accidental Discovery:

In most cases, deception and infidelity are uncovered by mistake. A husband or wife decides to come home from work early, a third party accidentally reveals the truth, an e-mail exchange thought to be deleted pops up on the screen, and so on.

Monitoring a Spouse:

Surveillance, on the other hand, is an attempt to discover the truth by monitoring a spouse’s behavior without his or her awareness. If you’re dealing with a cheating girlfriend, an unfaithful fiance, or a cheating spouse, surveillance is almost always needed to get at the truth.

Monitoring a spouse tends to be the most effective and reliable way to find out the truth.

The first thing that you will want to do is decide what you are trying to accomplish.

Do you want to know:
  • Where he/she is spending their time?
  • Who he/she is talking to on the phone?
  • What is being said on the phone?
  • What text messages are being sent back and forth?
  • What he/she is doing at home when you are not there?
  • What he/she is doing on the computer?
  • Who he/she is getting emails from and what do they say?
  • Do you want biological evidence of the affair?
  • Do you want pictures of them together?

The following chapters will explain how to get the information that you need.

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