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Soroka 11E Russian Spy Bug | Tiny Voice Activated Audio Recorder Support / Help Page

Soroka-11E Tech Support
Soroka 11 Quick Start Guide

Getting Started:

• Remove battery cover, insert battery and replace cover.
• Insert included SD card.

How to Record Audio in Continuous Mode:

Note: The recorder comes ready to record in continuous mode.

• To start recording press the control button for 4 seconds and release. You should see a series of green lights flash and go out. To verify that the recorder is recording quickly press the control button once. A green light should flash 6 times indicating that the battery is fully charged.

Turning the Recorder Off:

• Press and hold the control button for 4 seconds and release. While holding the control button a green light will flash 3 times and go off. To verify that the recorder is off quickly press the button once. There should be no lights.

How to Turn on Voice (sound) Activated Mode and other Advanced Functions of the Soroka-11E.

• Connect the included SD card to your computer using the included SD card reader if necessary. Next, open the “L2” (“dict10_eng”) file.

• Voice Activation: Under “main settings” check the voice activated box. If you would like to hear a “beep on the recording between silences check the “beep between fragments” box. This will let you know when there was no sound to be recorded. You can also adjust the level of sound that it takes to activate recording using the “VOX sensitivity” drop down menu. This could take some trial and error depending on the audio environment (“middle” setting is good in most circumstances). In lower sound level environments, the “High” setting may be best and “low” In louder environments.

Setting the Date and Time: Under “Clock Settings” check the box “setup real time clock”. Next: check the “System time” box.  The time will be synced to the time on your computer.

• How to Turn on Scheduled Recording Mode: Check the box “Working as per alarm clocks”. Next: select the number of alarms that you want to use. You can setup up to 10. Next: Set the date – This will be the date of this month. For example: if today’s date is November 10th and you want the recorder to record on the 12th of November under date choose 12. If you choose a date before today’s date it will be set for the next month. Next: Under “hours” choose the time that you want the recording to start. (time is in military time [00 = midnight, 12 = noon 23 = 11PM etc.]). Next: Under “Minutes” choose the minute of the hour to start recording. Next: under “Duration of operation hours” choose how long you want to record for that alarm.

IMPORTANT: Save settings to the recorder. Click the “Save configuration file” button – On the “save as” pop up click the “Save” button – Click “OK” on the “Setting file write complete” popup.  Next: Close the software and eject the SD card from the computer. Next: Insert the SD card into the Soroka 11 recorder and turn the recorder on.

How to Playback files on a PC, Mac or OTG capable phone:

Connect the SD card to your computer. Now right click over the file that you want to play – hover over “open with” and choose the “Windows Media Player”(may not play on “Groove Music”) or whichever media player that you choose. You can download a free VLC Media Player here (recommended)

On a MAC you can play files just like you would any other audio file. You can also use Quick Time or download a VLC Media Player. You can download one for free here

With most Android phones you can listen to the audio files using an “OTG” cable and/or adapter (included, but you may need and additional adapter depending on your phone model). Simply connect the recorder to your phone using an “OTG” cable or adapter (included). Some phones will open the “File Manager” automatically (this could take a few moments). On other phones you may need to find the files manually. Please see your phone operating instructions if you are having difficulties.                                                                                   

How to Delete the files on a PC:

• Connect the SD card to your computer.
• Right click on the file you wish to delete and select Delete in the pop-up menu
• Files can only be deleted through a PC

How to Delete the files on a Mac:

• Connect the SD card to your computer
• Right click on the file you wish to delete and select Delete in the pop-up menu
• While the device is still plugged into the Mac go to your trash folder and empty trash.
• Note: If the above step is not completed the files will not be fully deleted from the device and you will have a phantom
folder that will contain the deleted files that can only be seen by a Windows Computer

Useful Tips

• How to check battery level: With the recorder powered on quickly press the button once and release. The indicator light will should flash as follows: 6 green = 100% | 5 green = 75% | 4 green = 50% | 3 red = 25% | 2 red = <5%.

• Automatic sound gaining: In most circumstance when in continuous recording mode checking this box is best.

• Recording extremely low sound levels or at a distance: To ensure that the desired audio is recorded it may be better to turn off voice activated recording. You can also turn off “Automatic sound gaining” Then under the “Sound gaining” menu choose a higher db gain (18 db is the highest). This will amplify the audio.

• **IMORTANT when changing settings**: Anytime that you change any settings be sure to sync the time and check that all other settings are correct and then save the configuration file to the SD card, re-insert to the recorder and start the recorder again so that the settings are transferred to the recorder.

• Enable cyclic recording: When checking this box, the recorder will continue recording when the SD card is full and overwrite the oldest files first.

• Sound encrypting: Sound encrypting is NOT available on this model. Do NOT check this box! The audio files will not work if you do.

• When disconnecting the SD card from your computer please be sure to properly “eject” per your computers operating instructions. Failure to do so may result in permanent damage to the device.

If you accidentally delete the manual, video or software please contact us and we will email them to you.

Please use this quick start guide along with the full PDF operation manual on the SD card for complete operational instructions. You can also print the manual if you would like.

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