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How To Block Audio Recording Devices • Spy Cameras Reviewed

How To Block Audio Recording Devices • Spy Cameras Reviewed

Why not just disable the audio recording device?

Wouldn’t that make more sense than trying to block it and taking the risk that the block might not be successful?

Yes, but finding and removing recording devices doesn’t always make sense. Sometimes it simply isn’t possible.

What if you’re at a public location? Or a private location that is not yours?

Then you likely won’t be able to look for and disable any devices.

And there may also be times when you could, but you would rather leave it in place and only block it during sensitive conversations.

Whatever the reason, keep reading to learn how to block audio recording devices.

How To Block Audio Recording Devices

There are two types of devices you can use to block recording devices. They are an audio jammer and a DRUID noise generator. Let’s take a look at each.

Buy an Audio Jammer

Most audio jammers generate white noise to distort devices such as microphones that could be planted in your home. To use an audio jammer, position it where you suspect an audio recording device could have been placed.

You can also find white noise generators that are small enough to fit in your pocket. The best place to get them is probably a specialized spy gadget store, but you can also find some good ones on Amazon. This is a good example.

Purchase a DRUID Noise Generator

A DRUID device is a speech jammer that you could use when you want to ensure that only the people with whom you’re having a conversation can hear what you say.

It comes with a headset and a DRUID device that headphones can connect to. Only the people who are wearing headphones can hear the conversation.

Be prepared to shell out a lot of money because DRUIDs are expensive.

Why Block Audio Recording Devices?

It might seem like a lot of effort to block audio recording devices, but it’s actually a less stressful experience than trying to first detect listening devices.

And it isn’t always possible anyway. If you’re in a place other than your home or your car, you likely won’t have the opportunity to sweep for bugs.

But you can ensure any bugs that might be there can’t hear you. That’s why it is important to know how to block audio recording devices. You want to be sure your personal conversations can’t be recorded.

You don’t want people to be recording your private conversations, because you never know what they could be trying to do with the information. Even if you’re not privy to state secrets, it’s a violation of your right to privacy!

What About Audio Recorders On Your Phone?

Your landline doesn’t necessarily have to be tapped because people could potentially find it easier to listen in on your smartphone.

And they don’t even need an audio recorder to do. There are spy apps that they could install on your phone in order to gain a wealth of information about you.

This includes your call history, emails, text messages, internet browsing history, and your calls. That’s a scary thought!

How to Tell if a Spy App is on Your Phone

There are a few dead giveaways that a spy app is running in the background on your phone. They are:

High Data Usage

If you see that your phone is running out of data at a much faster rate than usual, it could be because a spy app is constantly monitoring your phone and sending your hacker information about you.

Terrible Battery Life

It’s common to complain about your smartphone batteries. But if the battery life is suddenly even worse than before, it could be because spy apps are always running in the background.

Slow Phone

If your phone is acting up and working much slower than before, it could be as a result of spy apps using a large portion of the available memory and processing power.

Background Noises

Listen out for any strange noises when you’re on calls. These are a common red flag for spy apps being on your phone. The strange noises can include buzzing or beeping, and they can signal that someone’s listening to, or recording, your calls.

How To Find Audio Recording Devices

There are times when finding and removing audio recording devices makes more sense than blocking them.

To locate audio recording devices, you need to purchase a radio frequency detector. This detector will scan your home for any radio frequencies that are being released by spy devices.

If the detector locates any spy devices, it will sound an alarm to notify you. To make sure that the RF detector can work properly, first switch off all wireless devices that you have in the home, like routers and smartphones. You don’t want the RF detector picking these up.

Related Questions

Is It Illegal For Someone To Use Audio Recording Devices On You Without Your Consent?
It’s essential to understand the laws surrounding audio recordings in your state. Here’s a summary of them.

In 11 U.S. states, it’s essential that all parties in a conversation consent to the conversation being recorded beforehand. These states are: Washington, Florida, Maryland, California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Montana, Oregon, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania.

Of those 11 states, three of them recognize some exceptions.

Is it illegal for employers to use audio recording devices on their employees?
Generally, it’s prohibited for employers to listen to or record their employees’ conversations without their consent.

What is one-party consent?
One-party consent means that you can record a phone call or conversation, as long as you’re part of the conversation. There are 36 U.S. states that follow this rule.

Block Audio Recording Devices: Conclusion

If you suspect there are audio recording devices in your presence, but you can’t remove them, your only option is to block them. To prevent people from listening to your private conversations, you’ll want to purchase an audio jammer or a DRUID noise generator to block the audio recorder.

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