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T9000 Bug Detector RF, GPS Tracker, Portable Wireless Camera GSM Device Finder Eavesdropping Counter Surveillance Law Enforcement Grade

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Sleuthtek T9000 Multi-Purpose Detector Kit Quick Start Guide

Thank you for purchasing a Sleuthtek PI Gear T9000 RF Detector! This professional kit can locate wireless cameras, surveillance cameras, hardwired cameras, hardwired Real Time GPS Trackers and magnetic GPS devices and most other spy devices that are transmitting. The RF detector adopted the new digital acceptance model meaning it not only broadens the frequency of exploration but also effectively avoids interference from other devices like routers and WiFi.

How to use the RF Detector

  • To turn the device on, turn power switch to the right. The screen should light up. You are now in the RF Detection mode.
  • You will want to turn the same knob you used to turn the device on to control the sensitivity of the detector.
  • To start, turn the knob so that the needle is in the white portion of the meter, but as close to the green as you can.
  • You can now start sweeping the room, car, or whatever you are trying to sweep.
  • The closer the suspicious object, the higher the pointer goes on the device. Green is for suspicious signal, yellow is for danger signal, and red means you locked on the signal.
  • You can change the detection sensitivity by turning the knob the RF sensitivity switch. You want to turn the sensitivity up if you are not getting any fluctuation whatsoever.
  • Note: In highly populated areas, there are a lot of messy signals such as WiFi networks, so you will have to play with the sensitivity of the detector. It may also take longer to locate a device with the RF Detector because of interference.

How to use the Laser Light Camera Finder

Note: This is the most effective way to find a camera because it does not matter if it is on or off, hardwired or wireless. The lens should be visible anyway. Note: It is harder to see the lens if it is behind dark or smoked glass or plastic.

  • Once the device is on locate the camera lens Laser switch button below the strength meter. This will turn on the laser. You can check to make sure it is on by turning the device around and there should be 6 red lights flashing.
  • There are 4 settings for the laser: fast flash, normal flash, slow flash, and no flash. You can change the settings by pressing the same button you used to turn the laser lights on. Use what works best for you.
  • With the lasers flashing, hold the device to your eye with the lasers pointing away from you. You will look through the red view finder above the strength meter display.
  • Now you can begin sweeping suspicious areas or devices. There will be a distinct bright red light flashing back through the view finder. That is normally a camera lens. You may want to practice by viewing known cameras (such as your cellphone camera) from different distances and angles through the camera detector. Sometimes normal reflections can be confusing, but with a little practice you will be able to tell the difference between the two.
  • For best results, you will want to be on eye level with the area or device that you are searching. So, you may need to kneel, bend and move from side to side get the best angle on the camera lens. The effective range is about 20 feet.

Locating a real time GPS Tracker

  • You can locate real time GPS trackers with this device using the RF Detector the same way that you would find a wireless camera as outlined above.
  • However, most real time GPS Trackers are motion activated and may only transmit when they are moving and only transmit in small bursts. We recommend having a second person sweep or drive to safely discover a real time GPS Tracker, but even then, it is very difficult to find do to the high amount of RF signals being used all around us in today’s hi-tech society.

Since most portable GPS trackers are attached using a magnet using the magnet probe and physical search may be the best way to find the tracker as outlined below.

How to use the Magnetic GPS Locator

  • Be sure to attach the GPS Magnet Probe to the device.
  • Once the probe is attached, turn the device on and select the middle button with a magnet underneath it. This will turn on the probe.
  • To make sure the probe is on, look at the end of the probe and there should be blue/purple light at the end of the probe.
  • To sweep for a GPS magnet, sweep the end of the probe where you believe a tracker may be hidden. If there is a device there, the detector will beep and the end of the probe will go to a normal white light showing you where the device is.
  • Keep in mind when sweeping a vehicle there might be false positives because there are some magnetic sources on all vehicles. This is to show you where a GPS tracker MAY be located. You will need to investigate further to see if there is a GPS tracker there or it is something else. The detector will not detect through metal surfaces so be sure to sweep under and inside of all metal panels, bumpers, hood etc.

Other Device functions

  • If you want to sweep an area without the device making noise press the vibrate mode button on the left, below the display. This button will put the device in vibration mode for the RF DETECTION MODE ONLY. You cannot put the device in vibration mode when sweeping for a magnetic device. Press the button again to turn the device back in to loud mode.
  • You can also plug headphones on if you do not want to use the vibration function. The headphone jack is the the right of the magnetic probe.
  • There is also a white LED light on the back of the device that you can turn on and off. To turn it on turn the flashlight knob to the right. Once on you can control the brightness of the lights.

Common Uses

  • Sweep for wireless bugs and/or wireless cameras.
  • Magnetic GPS devices and real time GPS devices
  • Whether someone is eavesdropping on your cell phone (there should not be a signal when your phone is in standby mode.)
  • Can easily sweep hotel rooms, public restrooms, changing rooms, vehicles, and any other spaces you wish with this handheld device.

 If you have any questions or need tech support, please contact us. We are here to help.

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It is the sole responsibility of the buyer and/or user to research any local, state or federal laws that may be applicable to the use of this product and to adhere to those laws and to use this device in a safe manner.  We are not responsible for damage or third-party claims caused by the use of this product.

How to use the Camera / GPS / RF detector
T9000 camera gps rf detector diagram
T9000 Diagram

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