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WiFi Dummy Router Camera | Super IR Night Vision | Motion Activated | Live View With Audio

TinyCam WIFI Camera Quick Start Guide

Thank you for purchasing an EyeSpySupply Professional Grade Wifi Camera! This Wifi Camera is a professional grade high-definition hidden camera that can record in motion activated or continuous modes. The audio can be turned on or off.  You can also view the camera live using the free TinyCam app on a smart phone, tablet but is self-contained meaning that it can record directly to an SD card even if it is not connected to a wifi network or hot spot. The app is also where you control and change the settings on the camera.

Let’s get started. First download the free app “TinyCam” to your phone, tablet or computer (app can be found in Google Play or the App Store simply search for “TinyCam”). Next turn on the camera and insert an SD card.

The following instructions will show how to set up the camera using an Android smart phone but should be the same or similar on other devices.

How to connect P2P to your camera **Required**
  1. Now in your phone’s settings go to wifi and find the camera in the list of wifi connections (by matching the last five letters or digits of the UID of the camera found on the QR code sticker) and click connect. Wait for the phone to connect to the camera.
  2. Now open the TinyCam app. and click the “search” (magnifying glass) symbol on the top righthand corner. You should see your camera. Now click “ADD”.
  3. Next you will see a “pop up” window prompting you to change the password. The old password is 888888. Now click “Confirm” in the top righthand corner. After a few minutes you should be able to view your camera live on your phone as long as you are close to the camera. This is called P2P mode.

While in P2P mode you can configure your camera to record to the SD card without being connected to a WiFi network. In this mode the camera will still record even if you are not on site, but you cannot view the camera remotely from off site.

Connect Camera To WiFi So That You Can Control and View your Camera Live Remotely
  1. When in P2P mode from the main screen click on the “settings” icon (wrench).
  2. Now click on “Wi-Fi Config”
  3. Click on “SSID” and choose your Wifi network (the network that you normally connect to) and input the password and click “Confirm” near the bottom of the page.
  4. Now go back to the main page and wait for the camera to restart (this could take several minutes). When the camera is online click the play button to view live.

When configured to wifi you will be able to view the camera live, control the camera and view recorded video from anywhere in the world with your device as long as you can access the internet and the camera is online. (This camera requires a 2G wifi connection, 5G will not work. Many routers that are 5G are dual network and put out 2G simultaneously), enter your password and click “ok”. Click “ok” again at the pop up window. IMPORTANT! – Be sure to enter the wifi password exactly. If the password is not entered properly the camera will say “offline”. To fix this you will need to reset the camera and start again at step one above.

How To View Your Camera Live
  1. From the main screen of the app find your camera and ensure that it says online next to it. Now click on the camera. There will be a pop up window to change the password. Change the password to your desired password and click OK. If it takes you back to the main screen click on the camera again to view.

TIP: Tap on the screen while viewing live to to bring up camera controls. From here you can turn on the sound and listen in live, adjust the resolution and a few other things.

TIP: If while streaming live video it seems to be “choppy” or gets “hung up” try lowering the resolution. This may fix the problem. This is due to the internet/wifi speed/signal strength and is not a problem with the camera.

How To Set The Date And Time
  1. From the main screen of the app click the “settings” icon next to your camera. Next click the “Advance Config” (”device settings” on some phones). Next Click “time Setting”
  2. Now change the “time Zone” to your proper time zone.
  3. Click “Device Time Sync with App”
  4. Click “ok”
How to Setup SD Card Recording (recording to the SD card)
  1. From the main screen of the app click the “settings” icon next to your camera. Next click the “Advance Config” (”device settings” on some phones). Next Click “SD Card Record Config”
  2. To record continuous recording (not motion activated) click the record drop down menu and choose “Record All Day”. (on this screen you can also change other settings such as record audio, resolution, File length etc.) Now click “ok”.
  3. To record in motion activated mode follow step 1 above. Now in the record drop down menu click “Record When Alarm”. Now click the “ok” button.                                                                                             

Now click “Alarm Config”

In the “Motion Detection Sensitivity” drop down menu choose “normal-4” (you can adjust the sensitivity here if you want to)

Click “ok” The camera will now record only when it “sees” motion.

How To Playback Your Recordings, Move Files To Your Computer & Delete Files From The Recorder
  1. Remove the SD card from the Wifi Camera and insert it into the included USB SC card adapter. Now plug the SD card adapter into a USB port on your computer.
  2. Open the “File Explorer”. Now open the corresponding “Removable Disk” drive on your computer.
  3. Double click the file that you want to review and it should open with your computers default media player or right click the file, scroll to “open with” then choose the player that you want to use (a VLC Player is recommended).

TIP: If the video appears “choppy” save them to your computer and play them from your computer and not the SD card. They should play smoothly.

  • To move files to your computer you can copy and paste the files to the desired location.
  • To delete files simply right click the desired file and click delete

***When disconnecting the reader from your computer be sure to properly “eject” per your computers operating instructions. Failure to do so may result in damage to or corrupting the files on the SD card.***

You can also view the video that has been recorded to the camera’s SD card directly from your phone. First, open the app. On the bottom of the main screen you will see a video camera icon that says “Record” below it. Click that icon. Now , at the top of the screen there is a drop down menu. Click it and choose “Remote Sdcard”. Now click your device from the pop up window. Now you should see date and time stamped thumb nails of the recordings. Simply click on the recording that you want to view and it will start playing automatically. * Some Iphones will have symbols with no writing for the above directions.


Camera says “offline” after initial Wifi setup

  • The WiFi password may be entered wrong. The easiest way to fix this is to reset the camera and setup WiFi again.
  • Make sure that your local WiFi network is working.

Unable to find the device wifi signal for initial setup

  • Press The Reset – While plugged in press a sharp object into the reset hole (you will feel that you are pressing a button) and hold it for about 15 seconds or until the light goes out (a paper clip should work). Some cameras may have a button instead of a hole.

The video appears “choppy” when viewing recorded video from SD card.

  • Save or copy the files to your computer and play the video directly from your computer and not from the SD card.

The device has crashed or files in wrong format

Press The Reset – While plugged in press a sharp object into the reset hole (you will feel that you are pressing a button) and hold it until the light goes out (a paper clip should work). Some cameras may have a button instead of a hole.

TIP: On some models you can turn the LED indicator light off by going to “Advance Config” – “Misc Settings – Choose “Off” in the drop down menu- click the “ok” button

TIP: You can flip the picture on the camera by clicking on the icon on the bottom right side of screen when viewing the camera with the app. This also flips the picture being recorded. This can be useful if you put the camera in the wrong position by mistake.

TIP: We recommend using a VLC media player for playback of your recordings on a computer. If you do not have one you can download one for free here

TIP: We recommend that you explore the features of the app. There are other features not covered in the guide that you may find useful. There are also some that do not apply to this model of camera. For example there are controls for night vision which is not a feature that all cameras have.

**MAC users may need to download a VLC player to view to files on a Mac computer**

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