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5 Types Of People Most Likely To Cheat, According To Science

5 Types Of People Most Likely To Cheat, According To Science

No one goes into a relationship assuming that they are going to be unfaithful or maybe a victim of infidelity. But the reality is completely different, a study from late 2016 suggests that men are a little more likely to cheat than women. According to the Associated Press and the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, in the United States, 22% of men say they have cheated on their partner at least once during their marriage, compared to 14% of women.

Moreover, statistics prove that unfaithful people are more likely to have relationships with colleagues. Up to 36% of men and women say they have had an affair with someone they work with. And 17% admit to having had an affair with a sister or brother-in-law.

There are countless reasons for infidelity mainly sexual dissatisfaction, many men and women engage in extramarital affairs because they want to improve their sex life. Emotional dissatisfaction can also be a reason for infidelity in that a spouse feels neglected in the couple.

To avoid this type of relationship that often creates pain and hurt, here are 5 signs of people who are most likely to cheat and best avoided!

Social network addicts

According to Cyberpsychology research on the behavior of social network users, the more a person uses a social network such as Twitter for example, the more relationship conflicts he or she has….culminating in infidelity, breakups and divorce. The duration of the relationship of the people involved in the research did not have an impact on the results. In fact, couples who had been together for a short time experienced the same social-media effect as couples who had been together for many years. Previous studies have shown similar results for heavy Facebook users as well.

Men whose age ends in 9

Researchers who analyzed data from Ashley Madison, a dating site for adults looking for extramarital affairs, found that a higher percentage of men on the site were 29, 39, 49 or 59 years old. In other words, men facing a pivotal year in their lives seem the most likely to cheat.

Someone who has cheated before

As much as we’d like to forgive and move past infidelity in our relationships, science suggests that we’re often willing to make that misstep again despite its heartbreaking consequences. According to a University of South Alabama study, men and women who have been unfaithful in a first relationship are more likely to fall back into infidelity in a future relationship.

Partners who suddenly change their behavior

According to psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini, having a partner who has suddenly become more affectionate and sensual with you could mean that he or she is cheating on you. When a man starts cheating, he becomes sexually hyperactive, she says. Because his libido has been aroused, he begins to crave more sex, especially when his lover is not there to satisfy his needs, his wife becomes the best option to fulfill his desires.

Richer men and poorer women

Armed with power and money, men may feel more comfortable approaching women in an extramarital setting. Because of their status, they are more likely to meet new people at business dinners, parties and on trips. The surprise is that poor women are also more likely to cheat than wealthier women. Although explanations vary, some experts justify this by saying that low-income women cheat in hopes of climbing the social ladder.

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