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How Can a Investigation Private Dectective Help an Attorney?

How Can a Investigation Private Dectective Help an Attorney?

In order to best help their clients, attorneys need as much accurate and reliable information as possible to resolve their client’s legal matters. A investigation private detective can offer immense benefits for attorneys by scoping out situations in ways that attorneys may not be able to, or may not have access to, and providing information and evidence to help make their case and give litigation support.

What Can Investigation Private Detective Do to Support a Case?

Bringing on a investigation private detective to dig up information that the attorney may have missed, and investigating issues more in-depth can help lawyers create a more solid case. In fact, many successful law firms intentionally establish a relationship with investigation services for all types of cases, from criminal investigations, to background investigations, hiring a private investigator for your case can provide invaluable support.

Our private investigators can help attorneys by:

  • Saving time through gathering and preserving evidence
  • Locating and interviewing witnesses
  • Assisting in the litigation process
  • Identifying hidden assets and difficult-to-find info
  • Conducting surveillance

Adding a investigation private detective to help back up your case can get you the evidence and answers you need to support your client in the best possible way.

Saving Time Through Gathering and Preserving Evidence

To make your case strong, you need solid evidence. But taking the time to conduct interviews, locate witnesses, and spending valuable hours digging and researching can become costly and cut into time you should be spending on strategizing for your client. An investigation private detective can dig up factual information in order to create more leverage for the attorney to meet their client’s needs.

They can complement the role of the attorney by digging up extensive information and investigating issues more thoroughly than an attorney is able to, analyzing detailed information in order to make connections. Trained investigators can even obtain scene photos, interview law enforcement who responded to the scene, and speak with witnesses and other parties involved. This information may also become useful later on during cross-examination at the time of the trial.

The relevant information that the private investigator digs up could be the difference between someone being declared guilty or not guilty, or if a witness’s statement is entirely truthful. Bringing in a investigation private detective means bringing someone on the case who is skilled at following trails and leads to get to the truth of the matter, and providing detailed documentation in order to identify patterns and inconsistencies.

Locating and Interviewing Witnesses

If you are having difficulty finding witnesses who perhaps don’t even want to be found, hiring a PI can make your life much easier. Attorneys do not have the time to develop legal strategies and go around searching for people in their spare time to add to their case. An Investigation private detective can take this burden off of their shoulders by locating, identifying, verifying, and questioning witnesses who may assist in strengthening their client’s story and case through testifying what they know.

Through specialized search tactics, advanced surveillance tools, sophisticated databases, specific methods of investigation, and following up with sources, private investigators can locate even the most difficult-to-find individuals who may be in hiding. Private investigators are also highly skilled in asking witnesses the right questions before the trial even happens. This can help uncover new evidence to follow up on, and the PI can even become a collaborative partner to you. If you are an attorney and need to locate a potential witness, bringing a private investigator who takes pride in their work onto the case can help you obtain the information you need that may not be readily available to you, and can make your case a success.

Assisting in the Litigation Process

Our private investigators have assisted with numerous different case types, and can share their knowledge and expertise to help you get the information you need when you need it. Our private investigators have experience in financial investigations, investigating stolen and hidden assets, fraud, domestic cases, and more to provide accurate information necessary for each particular case. Private investigators use technologically advanced programs, softwares, and strategies to find what they need, and analyze information and suspicious activity that may come up in searches.

Identifying Hidden Assets and Difficult-to-Find Info

For attorneys who are on cases involving the aspects of legal assets, hiring a private investigator can help support your case by following the money trail. Investigators are able to find properties and financial assets that perhaps someone involved in the case may have been attempting to keep hidden. Understanding where the money is coming from can be exponentially important for divorce cases, business disputes, and fraud.

Conducting Surveillance

A solid investigator often has experience with conducting surveillance for all different types of cases. Through discrete observation, a PI can gather evidence on someone by documenting and following their activities without their knowledge. Surveillance is an excellent tool for all sorts of cases, but specifically for insurance divorce cases. The private investigator becomes familiar with the target’s routines and neighborhood in order to successfully follow them.

This enables the PI to gather valuable information that the attorney can use during the trial. By hiring a private investigator to observe and document, you can take your opponent off guard with witnesses, video surveillance, or unreported claims. Additionally, only law enforcement officers and private investigators can gain access to major national databases. The information at these facilities can help uncover information that will make your case.

Our Specializations

No matter what type of case you are working on, hiring a PI can allow you the time and space to focus your attention on legal aspects, while your investigator handles all of the fieldwork, background checking, and fact checking necessary for a solid case.

Investigators can help save you time, money, and effort, by helping with the following tasks:

  • Preparing, serving, and filing legal documents (contracts, appeals, affidavits, etc.)
  • Conducting research within specialized databases and archived public records
  • Gathering and verifying solid evidence
  • Validating existing evidence
  • Investigating crime and accident scenes more thoroughly and in-depth
  • Working closely with law enforcement in order to gather additional facts

At Keck Investigation Service, we specialize in investigations like:

  • Child custody investigations
  • Notary services
  • Nationwide financial investigations
  • And more

There is a lot of work involved in producing the best possible outcomes for clients and their legal matters. Hiring a discreet and thorough private investigator can help give you the support you need to win your case.

Our team of private investigators are committed to ensuring the highest quality investigative services in a cost efficient and timely manner. We value professionalism, reliability, and confidentiality in our work. If you are looking for a investigation private detective in the Tampa Bay and Pinellas county areas to support your case, contact us online or call us today and find out how we can help you 727-254-1994.

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