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GPS tracking technology in business in 2021

GPS tracking technology in business in 2021
GPS tracking technology in business in 2021

A few decades ago, Global Positioning System (GPS) technology was only found in high-tech military equipment. These days it is available to the masses and has become an affordable way for businesses to monitor deliveries and for website owners to see detailed demographic data about mobile phone site visitors. If you are wondering what types of pages use that, try this site.

But what modern GPS tracking technologies are available for managing your fleet or to track individual vehicles?

What is GPS technology?

The Global Positioning System, also known as GPS, was created by the United States army in 1973. It was completed 20 years later as a modern satellite navigation system. In the early 2000’s, civilian use was developed to the point where GPS was enabled on a diverse range of electronic gadgets from phones and drones to cars and computers.

GPS technology uses the time and location data from an enabled device that is synced with at least four different GPS satellites with precise atomic clocks. From that data, precise coordinates can be calculated, using radio wave frequency communication.

In 2018, the first GPS Block III satellite was launched (the final satellite will be launched in 2023). These new satellites are more accurate and offer greater bandwidth to both military and civilian users. Since the late 1970’s, more than 76 GPS satellites have been launched, with 31 currently in use.

Why use GPS technology?

Installing GPS trackers to your vehicle fleet will help you monitor historical and real time information. For example, you can get data about average and top speeds, travel routes and location history. This information can useful when planning the best routes, can help reduce delays, reduce the environmental impact of your business journeys and limit possible liabilities in a court case.

There are also telematics features that offer instant alerts during real-time tracking. Dynamic contact between drivers and the main office can help improve efficiency, reduce delays and help avoid accidents or reckless driving.

These features also enable you to see reports which you can use to provide feedback to your drivers and update them about any changes in their scheduled routes.

You can also set up security features in your GPS-enabled devices that will increase the safety of your drivers and the packages you are delivering. Modern tools offer real-time technical support, emergency services integration, remote locking and kill switches. You can also set up additional settings that will respond to vehicle speed, weather and maintenance issues that will reduce the risks during the ride.

In many countries, you are required by law to log the data about the driver breaks, vehicle maintenance and hours worked by employees. You can have all that information and many more tools at your disposal by installing a single cheap GPS device.

Another, final but important benefit of GPS, is that you can share GPS tracking data with your clients. This allows them to see up-to-date information about their deliveries so they can see when their packages are expected to arrive.

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GPS-tracked vehicles move through the traffic on a busy city road.

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