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Sony Launches The ECB-W2BT Wireless Mic That Can Pick Up Sound From 200m Away –

Sony Launches The ECB-W2BT Wireless Mic That Can Pick Up Sound From 200m Away -

Sony is known for its innovative and top-quality products that are designed to meet the various needs of users. The company has unveiled yet another topnotch product that keeps up with the needs of the COVID-19 era where teleconferences and virtual meetings are the norm. The device is dubbed Sony ECB-W2BT wireless microphone.Sony ECB-W2BT wireless microphone

With the Sony ECB-W2BT wireless microphone, stable transmission can be carried out even at a distance of up to 200 meters in an open and barrier-free environment. Also, it can be used for audio recording to realize low-noise digital audio recording through the supporting digital audio interface.Sony ECB-W2BT wireless microphone

In addition, the wireless microphone utilises a new design which includes high-quality omnidirectional microphone units to suppress noise. The mic can also pick up clear sounds from different directions to achieve high-quality audio recording.Sony ECB-W2BT wireless microphone

The microphone utilises Qualcomm aptX low-latency codec which can provide a high-quality, low-latency audio recording. There are three available recording modes, including MIC mode, MIX mode, and a new RCVR mode. Users can record voice and ambient sound in different modes according to their needs.

The MIC mode only receives one-way sound from the microphone end, which is suitable for environmental applications such as web conferences and live broadcasts. On the other hand, in the RCVR mode, only one-way sound is received from the receiver which is suitable for broadcasting comments on sports events, and recording children’s growth videos and Vlogs.

Finally, in the MIX mode, both the microphone and receiver can be deployed at the same time, suitable for double vlog or interview environments.

The Sony ECM-W2BT wireless microphone also comes with a windshield which can effectively reduce wind noise when recording outdoors. When connected to a camera, the receiver can get power from the camera’s hot shoe adapter and can last up to 9 hours of recording.

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