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VR9 Spy Pen Audio Recorder | Voice Activated | Long 30 Day Battery | Date Time Stamp Manual and Video

VR9 Pen Audio Recorder Quick Start Guide

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How to Charge the Battery:

• Unscrew the pen at the middle to expose the USB terminal.
• Connect the audio recorder to a computer USB port or 5v USB power supply (not included) using the USB terminal
• It takes about 2 hours to fully charge when empty
• The status light will stay on when charging and will blink when fully charged.

How to Choose the Recording Mode:

• On the USB terminal is the mode switch. On either side of switch are symbols (-) & (…)
• For continuous recording mode slide the switch towards the (-) symbol.
• For voice activated recording (VAR) mode slide the switch towards the (…)symbol. When in VAR mode if there is no sound for one minute the recording will be saved and the recorder will go into standby. Mode and start recording automatically when sound is detected.

How to Start & Stop Recording :

• The top of the pen above the silver clip ring is the rotating on/off recording switch.
• To start recording turn the switch clockwise. The small hole on the back of the clip ring will now be black. Recording starts after about 5 seconds.
• To stop recording turn the switch counterclockwise. The small hole on the back of the clip ring will now be white.
• NOTE: If the device runs out of power during the recording, it will finalize and save the file before the battery dies

How to Playback files on a computer:

First, make sure that the recorder is turned off (the computer will not recognize the device if it is on)

• Connect to the USB port of the computer using the USB terminal on the recorder.
• When connected to the PC the device will be a removable drive named “MEMOQ” (some computers may name it something else. That will be found “This PC” (windows 10) which can be found in the “file Explorer” (usually looks like a yellow folder on the task bar). You can also find “this PC” by doing a search on your computer for “this PC” (on Widows 7 you would search for “my computer”). Now double click on the removable drive named “MEMOQ”.
• Open “VOICE” folder
• Now right click over the file that you want to play – hover over “open with” and choose the “Windows Media Player”(will not play in “Groove Music”) or whichever media player that you choose. You can download a free VLC Media Player here (recommended)

On a MAC you can play files just like you would any other audio file. Some versions of Itunes will not play MP3 files. You can use Quick Time or download a VLC Media Player. You can download one for free here

With most Android phones you can listen to the audio files using the optional “OTG” cable and adapter if needed. Some phones will open the “File Manager” automatically (this could take a few moments). On other phones you may need to find the files manually. Please see your phone operating instructions if you are having difficulties.

How to Delete the files on a PC:

• Open the “VOICE” folder
• Right click on the file you wish to delete and select Delete in the pop-up menu
• Files can only be deleted using a computer or Android phone

How to Delete the files on a Mac.

• Open the “VOICE” folder
• Right click on the file you wish to delete and select Delete in the pop up menu
• While the device is still plugged into the Mac go to your trash folder and empty trash.
• Note: If the above step is not completed the files will not be fully deleted from the device and you will have a phantom
folder that will contain the deleted files that can only be seen by a Windows Computer

How to set Time/Date stamp:

Connect the device to the computer as in the above section.
1)    Next double click the “Time Setup” file.
2)    If you see a pop-up window click “Yes”.
3)    Next choose your desired record quality and SVOS (voice activation) levels
•    When choosing voice activation settings “0” is normal “+1” is more sensitive and “+2” is the most sensitive. Likewise, “-1 is less sensitive and “-2” is the least sensitive (will take more sound to start recording).
•    When choosing record quality “XHQ” is the best quality but cuts the storage capacity in half.
4)    Last click the “Start” button.

NOTE: Anytime that you change any of the above settings you must click the “Start “button to save.
NOTE: Date and time setup software is only compatible with a Windows based PC. MAC users will need to use     a windows PC for initial time and date setup. After doing so the date and time will be seen on MAC computers as     well.

Useful Tips:

✔    If the recorder is not being recognized by your computer, make sure that the recorder is in the off position and that the cable is plugged into the smaller micro-USB port on the recorder.
✔    To record while plugged in start recording first then plug the recorder into the USB port on your computer or a 5v AC adapter (not included).
✔    If you format the recorder all files will be deleted. Only supports FAT32 type of formatting. The recorder will not work properly if you format in any other type.
✔    Files can be saved on your computer using the “copy and paste”, “drag and drop” or “save as” methods.
✔    Use this quick start guide in conjunction with manufactures manual.

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