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How Much Does a GPS Tracker Cost?

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The primary reason people choose to install a GPS tracker in their car is for safety and peace of mind. Whether that be the safety of a family member, an employee, or just the vehicle itself, GPS trackers are one of the single most powerful tools in your car security toolkit. But how much does a car GPS tracker cost?

Costs of a Hardwired GPS Tracker

Hardwired GPS trackers, which are generally hidden from plain view and connected directly to your vehicle’s battery, will generally cost between $250-$350. In addition to this initial cost, real-time GPS trackers generally require some recurring subscription fee in order to maintain a cellular connection for providing you GPS data to your phone or computer.

Types of GPS Trackers

If you search on for “GPS trackers”, you’ll immediately be flooded with options ranging from ~$20-$600. If you are concerned about protecting your vehicle, you’ll want the best tracking solution that fits your budget. Here are some of the primary types of GPS trackers, along with their advantages and disadvantages. Please note: any GPS tracking solution that provides real-time location data will require some type of subscription fee in order to maintain a cellular connection. 

Hardwired GPS Trackers 

Hardwired GPS trackers, which are generally hidden from plain view and connected directly to your vehicle’s battery, will generally cost between $250-$350.

DroneMobile offers a hardwired GPS tracker in the Drone X1MAX. The X1MAX is an LTE-based product that uses a fast and reliable cellular connection to provide GPS data to your smartphone. The DroneMobile App provides a wide array of alerts to update you on the status and safety of your vehicle. Because the product is cellular-based, you can receive these alerts even if you are on the other side of the world. Lastly, the X1MAX has a built-in backup battery, so even if your vehicle’s battery is shut off, X1MAX will continue to provide GPS data for a limited time.




Magnetic GPS Trackers

Magnetic GPS trackers cost between $20-$200. They are battery-powered and can be mounted to any metallic surface on a vehicle. Like hardwired GPS trackers, magnetic trackers transmit cellular data to a compatible smartphone app. However, because magnetic trackers run on a battery, tracking stops as soon as the battery dies (generally in a month or less depending on usage).



OBD/Plug-in GPS Trackers

Plug-in GPS trackers, which cost from $40-$150, are devices that are plugged into the OBD-II on the driver’s side of the vehicle. Over the past ten years, plug-in GPS trackers have risen in popularity in the consumer market due to their ease of use and installation. The tradeoff with this advantage is that they are just as easy to remove if someone knows that a tracker is present. Plug-in trackers also lose some functionality while the vehicle’s ignition is off because there is less data going to the OBD-II port.

The OBD-II port that plug-in trackers are connected to provide power and vehicle data to the device that can then be remotely accessed via smartphone app. Plug-in GPS trackers generally offer a combination of LTE and Bluetooth-based communication, meaning that a subscription is required to use these systems.



For Hardwired Tracking, Choose DroneMobile

Since you are reading this article, we will assume that you are concerned about the safety and security of your vehicle and your property inside of it. Because of this, we highly recommend choosing hardwired tracking systems to provide a permanent and secure monitoring solution for your vehicle.

In addition to providing the best tracking device on the market, DroneMobile is one of the top rated apps in the App Store (4.7 stars) and Google Play (4.6 stars), ensuring that you will have an amazing tracking experience with our app.

If you are interested in adding the Drone X1MAX to your vehicle and using the DroneMobile App, please contact one of our Authorized Dealers that will provide you with the professional installation and service you deserve.

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