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TileTek Voice Activated Audio Recorder Quick Start Guide

TileTek Voice Activated Audio Recorder Quick Start Guide

TileTek Voice Recorder Quick Start Guide 


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1) How to Charge the Battery: 

• Connect the audio recorder to a PC or 5v USB power supply (optional accessory) 

• About 1 hour to fully charge 
• A flashing red light = Charging 
• Solid red light = fully charged 
2) How to Record and save an audio file: 

• Simply switch the power switch to On. The indicator light will flash red then blue and then turn off. The recorder is now recording according to the Inputs in the “TXT’ document on the recorder (the recorder is in continuous record mode by default). We will cover more on this later. 
• When finished recording slide switch to the off position to end the recording and turn off the device 
• NOTE: If the device runs out of power during the recording, it will finalize and save the file before the battery dies 

3) How to Playback files on a PC: 


Connect to the USB port of the computer (recording will stop recording if on) 

When connected to the PC the device will be a removable drive named “USB Disk” (some computers name it something else). That will be found in “This PC” (windows 10) which can be found in the “file Explorer” (usually looks like a yellow folder on the task bar). You can also find “this PC” by doing a search on your computer for “this PC” (on Widows 7 you would search for “my computer”). Now double click on the removable drive named “USB Disk”. 

Open “RECORD” folder 

Now right click over the file that you want to play – hover over “open with” and choose the “Windows Media Player”(will not play on “Groove Music”) or whichever media player that you choose. You can download a free VLC Media Player here (recommended) 
On a MAC you can play files just like you would any other audio file. Some versions of iTunes will not play MP3 files. You can use Quick Time or download a VLC Media Player. You can download one for free here 

With most Android phones you can listen to the audio files using an “OTG” cable and/or adapter (included, but you may need and additional adapter depending on your phone model). Simply connect the recorder to your phone using an “OTG” cable or adapter (not included). Some phones will open the “File Manager” automatically (this could take a few moments). On other phones you may need to find the files manually. Please see your phone operating instructions if you are having difficulties. 

4) How to Delete the files on a PC: 

• Open the “RECORD” folder 
• Right click on the file you wish to delete and select Delete in the pop-up menu 
• Files can only be deleted through a PC 

5) How to Delete the files on a Mac 

• Open the “RECORD” folder 
• Right click on the file you wish to delete and select Delete in the pop up menu 
• While the device is still plugged into the Mac go to your trash folder and empty trash. 
• Note: If the above step is not completed the files will not be fully deleted from the device and you will have a phantom 
folder that will contain the deleted files that can only be seen by a Windows Computer 
6) How to set Time/Date,  Voice Activation & Other Features: 


First connect the device to the computer as in section 3 – A and B above. 


Time and Date setup: 


     Double click the “settime” file. Next double click the “SetTime” software. Next you should see a “SetDiskTime” window. The time will now sync to the time on your computer. Next click the “SetTime” button and then the “OK” button on the next window and then close the “SetDiskime” window. The time and date are now set. 


Set Voice Activation:  


     First open the device on your computer. Next Open the “TXT Document Settings” file. Next change the number right after “VOR:” to the desired setting: 0 = voice activation is off | 1-5 = voice activation on. 1 is the least sensitive and 5 is the most sensitive. 3 is a good setting for most users 


Other Settings: 


     The other settings are set in the same way as above and are explained in the “TXT Document”. 


“BIT” is the bit rate. The lower the number the lower quality of recording. 3 is good for most users. The higher the number the more memory will be used. 


“GAIN” is the audio gain. The higher the number the more the audio will be amplified. 3 is good for most users, but if you have a quieter environment you could use a higher number to amplify the audio. 


“PART” determines how long the recorded files will be in minutes. Example: If you have 3 hours of recordings and it is set at 60 there would be 3 files. 



Before formatting the device be sure to back up the “RECORD”, “settime” and “TXT Document Settings” files so that you can replace them after formatting. 


To check the battery level, watch the blue flashing lights when you turn the device on. If the blue light flashes 4 times the battery is full – 3 times = 75% 2 times = 50% 1 time = 25% 


Please refer to the full product manual for more in-depth directions. 



• Memory capacity: 8GB/16GB 
• Recording format: MP3 
• Recording capacity: Up to 142 hours/284 hours depending on Bit rate settings 
• Battery power consumption: 50 hours while recording and about 35 hours for playback 

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