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How to Use a Voice Recorder Watch

How to Use a Voice Recorder Watch

Wondering how you can use a voice recorder watch? If you’re an audio professional, you can use a Voice Recording Watch to make recordings while you’re away from your laptop or iPhone. This simple device allows you to record audio wherever you are, at any time, and in high quality. In addition to supporting iPhone, iPad, and Mac, it works with Apple Watch as well. Read on to learn how to use this new gadget.

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First off, you should understand that using a voice recording watch can be very useful for catching a cheating spouse or even monitor a business by posing as a secret shopper. 

It’s not just about the convenience. There are some growing pains to be experienced in setting up the watch and the music player. You’ll have to experiment with the various apps and see which one works best for you. It’s also important to keep in mind that Smartwatches have a wide variety of recording capabilities and apps, and each of them handle recording issues differently.

Another great feature of a Voice Activated Recorder Watch is that it can be worn as a regular wristwatch. 

Unlike most other devices, it features a time and date display and a single button to record. Most of these devices record for up to 30 hours and have a time-stamped feature to make the recording more reliable. You can also listen to recorded audio using the headphones provided or connect it to your computer using a USB cable.

This new voice recording watch looks and functions like an ordinary digital watch. 

Secretly, this storage device conceals hidden a microphone. Wear it on your wrist for discreet recording. Use this unit at the office, school, or anywhere, to covertly record voice as a secret shopper or investigator, or to simply record notes and interviews at school or work.

Voice-activation mode – The voice-activation feature allows you to avoid long hours of silent recording and save battery life.

Play-back mode – Review audio files on the go with the included earphones.

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