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10 Basic DIY Projects to Improve Your Home’s Security

10 Basic DIY Projects to Improve Your Home’s Security

Although you may not be able to turn your home into a burglar-proof fortress, or even want to, you can make it difficult for anyone with ill intentions to access your space. And you don’t need a massive budget for a high-end security system. Here are ten basic DIY projects to significantly improve your home’s security.

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1. Loud Security Alarm

Motion detector alarms are affordable nowadays, but that doesn’t mean they’re efficient enough. If you want to amp your home’s security, you could build this loud security alarm, as shown in the Instructables guide.

It features a microcontroller, meaning you can connect it to your amplifier, so whenever it goes off, even your neighbor a hundred yards away will hear it. And it’s not just loud: it can issue voice commands too—for instance, “step away from the porch”—so even the most daring burglars freeze in their tracks and are compelled to turn back.

2. Laser Maze Security System

We’ve all seen it in a movie: a valuable artifact, protected by a maze of lasers that trigger the alarm to go off whenever they detect movement. Now, imagine having that as part of your home’s security system. It would be awesome!

If you follow this Instructables guide, you can build something close to that as part of your security system. It may not feature a laser maze with sophisticated man-sized holes, but it’s invisible and will instantly trip and set off the alarm whenever an intruder attempts to pass it. Hook it up to an existing security system, for instance, floodlights, or any loud external device, to enhance its efficiency.

3. Solar-Powered Security System

Want a security system that stays on and keeps your home safe even when the power is out? Look no further because this Instructables project details the supplies and the instructions you’ll need to build one. It is solar-powered, so as long as the sun keeps shining, it’ll keep running even when a power blackout goes on for days. The best part? You can connect and access it from your iPhone, allowing you to watch what’s happening within your compound while you are away.

4. CRT Monitor Security System

Remember that CRT monitor that’s gathering dust in your attic? Just because it’s years behind technology doesn’t make it completely useless. Check out this guide on Instructables to transform a CRT monitor into a personal electric fence. Like this project? Here are more creative ideas to upcycle old TVs.

You should discharge the CRT monitor first to avoid the risk of electrocution. If you have a pacemaker or a heart condition, this project is unsafe for you.

5. Motion-Sensing Security System

Motion-sensing security systems can cost an arm and a leg, but why spend your hard-earned money on one when you can build one at nearly a quarter of the cost? You will need an Arduino Uno, a PIR motion sensor, a couple of jumper wires, a loud buzzer, a power supply, and all the supplies and instructions in this easy-to-follow Instructable. While you’re at it, here are some other interesting beginner projects using Arduino.

6. Simple Basement Security System

When a burglar breaks into your home through the basement, chances are you won’t hear them until they are smack in the middle of your living room, waving their weapon in your face. Even if your basement doesn’t allow direct access to your home, they may break in and steal the valuables you store down there. But you don’t have to sit and worry about it happening. With this Instructables project, you can build a simple yet effective alarm system that instantly goes off whenever an intruder tries to access your basement.

7. Mouse Security Alarm

So, you’ve been holding on to a bunch of old computer mice, but you get closer to tossing them in the trash every day because they are clutter? We’ve got some good news for you. Instead of trashing them, you can DIY them into your home’s security system and kill three birds with one stone: that is, enhance your home’s security, protect Mother Nature from the ever-growing heaps of e-waste, and free yourself from the shackles of mouse clutter.

The process of making a mouse security alarm is pretty straightforward, as shown in this Instructables guide. To be eco-friendly and further reduce the clutter in your home or office, check out these quick-fix DIY projects to help you save Mother Nature.

8. 4WD Security Robot

If you love taking strolls around your yard just to see how everything is but never get the time to do it, you’ll love this Arduino-controlled 4-wheel drive security robot. It features a pair of cameras, a controller with more than 400 yards range, and a reflector to illuminate the surrounding area.

By building one, you can patrol your compound daily without leaving the comfort of your couch. And if you hear weird noises while inside your home, you can always have it patrol your property to scare off anyone that might be trying to gain access. Plus, it looks so cool it’ll be an instant conversation starter whenever guests are over.

Besides an Arduino, you will also need an obstacle avoidance sensor to keep it from bumping into everything, a smart Wi-Fi camera so you can connect and stream footage through your phone, plus an RC transmitter, battery, and all other supplies listed in this guide on Instructables.

9. Security Camera Lamp

Do you want to up your home’s security but can’t afford the high price tag on CCTV cameras? This security camera lamp build on Instructables is just what you need to scare off intruders and light up your home’s space. You can opt to purchase a dummy camera or DIY your own using old cans to hack this project.

10. Assassin Door Securer

Want a home security project you can work on with your kids? This assassin door securer fits the bill. It requires little to no electrical skills, zero soldering, and uses only three primary materials: a circuit, a box, and a piece of fishing wire. What’s more, the circuit can be easily obtained from a musical birthday card.

This alarm alerts you whenever anyone tries to sneak into your room. Check out the detailed guide on Instructables to hack this project. If your kids love this one, it is time to introduce them to more DIY projects to spark their creativity.

Secure Your Home Today!

Securing your home doesn’t always necessitate spending a fortune. As proven with the ten basic DIY projects above, you can improve your home’s security using everyday items such as a bunch of old computer mice. Feel free to implement the projects above as they are or customize them to suit your own purposes.

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