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4 Ways to Record Audio on a Android Phone

4 Ways to Record Audio on a Android Phone

Just purchased a brand new handset and wondering how to record audio on an Android phone? If yes, this article has got you covered. 

Whether you’re wanting to record your melodious voice or an important online business meeting, you should know how to record audio on an Android phone.

While all the latest Android versions feature a built-in voice/screen recorder, the same isn’t true for older versions. However, there are tons of third-party voice recorders you can make use of. In this article, we’ll discuss the entire audio recording process in detail and some beneficial third-party apps in case your handset doesn’t support a built-in application for the same.

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External vs. Internal Audio – The Differences

Understanding the difference between external and internal audio is critical before we go ahead with how to record audio on an Android phone. 

External Audio

External audio is the audio that’s recorded using an external device, like a microphone. For instance, if you’re recording yourself singing on your Android phone, it’ll fall under the external audio category. This type of audio is much easier to record than internal audio due to several applications available on Google Play, App Store, etc.

Internal Audio

Internal audio, as the name suggests, is a type of audio that comes from within your device. This primarily includes music or video audio. Recording internal audio is a little difficult as most devices don’t have in-built apps supporting this function. 

But if your Android handset has a built-in screen recording app, you can use it to record internal audio. This feature is now commonly introduced in the latest Android versions. For example, Android 10 supports recording internal audio. Devices with this version won’t have to download any third-party apps to record audio. 

The complications while recording audio arises with the older version (Android 7 to 9) that doesn’t allow you to record the internal audio on your phone. Most third-party or in-built apps might not serve this purpose due to older versions.  

How To Record Audio On An Android Phone – The Screen Recorder Method! 

If you’ve got a Samsung handset, you probably don’t need to worry as it features a built-in screen recorder. You can record the screen of almost anything (except Netflix, Prime, and similar apps) and further edit the video. 

You can use this screen recorder in newer models with Android 10 or later. Follow these steps. 

  • Enable the screen recording feature on your Samsung phone. 
  • Once enabled, you can probably find it in the Quick Settings. 
  • If you don’t, tap on the Pencil icon in the screen’s bottom-left corner. Now, you can customize the on-display icons. (Sometimes, you might need to tap on three vertical dots and then Button Order for this process.)
  • Tap and drag the Screen Recorder icon to the spot where you want it to appear.
  • Then, tap on the Screen Recorder option. It would help if you decided whether you wanted to record the audio or not.
  • Tap on Start to start the recording.
  • Once the recording is done, pull down the notification panel and tap on the Tap to Stop option. 

Note: If you’ve got another brand’s phone, the steps to record the screen (with audio) from the built-in app are almost the same. 

3 Factors That May Interfere With Audio Recordings

Despite having the in-built stock app on your phone for audio recording, you might still not get the best quality recording. It’s common!

Generally, this might be because the speaker is far from the microphone or the app is of low quality. But there can also be other reasons why the recording quality is not that great.

If your audio is not clear, immediately check for any possible microphone issue. Inspect if it’s dirty or not. If a thick layer of dirt and dust has built up inside the microphone, it might cause interference with the audio quality while recording the screen. 

Fixing this is the easiest process. You’d require a toothbrush or paintbrush to clean the microphone and remove the accumulated dust and dirt. 

Another reason behind low audio quality can be a broken microphone. You need to take the phone to the service center if that’s the case. 

  • Background Noises

This is the most common reason behind the low-quality audio recordings. Any background noise makes it difficult to record the sound properly. For example, if people in the background are way too loud, it’ll make it difficult to record any sound with perfection.

Try to record the audio in an empty room for the best audio recordings. 

  • Faulty Audio Recording Apps

Always check whether the app you’re using is of good quality or not. With tons of audio recording apps on the Google Play Store, go for the best app to avoid quality issues. 

9 Best Voice Recorder Apps For Android

If your phone doesn’t have an in-built app for audio recording, you can try out third-party apps as they are both safe and reliable. Some of the best applications for voice recording are reviewed below. 

1. ASR Voice Recorder

The ASR Voice Recorder is among the most competent apps for your voice recording. You can use several formats for this purpose, such as WAV, MP3, M4A, OGG, FLAC, and more. Once recorded, you can easily upload these recordings on Google Drive or Dropbox using the cloud integration present in the app. 

It also includes other features. For example, the app will automatically skip or remove the part with no voice in the recording, control the playback speed, etc. And guess what? It also supports Bluetooth and has a gain switch.

The main reason why users are attracted to this app is all these features listed above are offered at a very low price. 

2. Dolby On: Record Audio And Music

Dolby On: Record Audio And Music is a newer app on this entire list for seamless voice recording on any Android device. Not only voice recording, but it can also record many other things. It has several filters and boosts to improve the overall voice quality. 

It also has an amazing above-Average Audio Editor feature that allows you to edit the recording once you’re finished. 

As mentioned above, there are several other features offered by this application. Some of them are:

  • It removes background noises.
  • It has a feature known as Fade In And Out effect.

Musicians’ bands mostly use this app for voice memos and other similar purposes. With all of these advantages, it costs you nothing and doesn’t contain any advertisement that might disturb you during the process. 

3. Otter Voice Notes

Otter Voice Notes is mainly meant for professional recordists since it also supports business meetings. The app also serves the purpose of recording, playback, and sharing. Some other notable features are:

  • Transcription
  • Cross-platform support
  • Cloud storage

4. Easy Voice Recorder

The Easy Voice Recorder, as its name suggests, is an easy-going audio recording application for Android devices. It has the easiest way to record audio on your phone.

  • Launch the app
  • Tap on the Mic icon on the screen.
  • Record the audio.

And that’s it. The app also lets you share your recording if you want to. 

This app also:

  • Allows you to change the file type as per your convenience.
  • Widget support.

If you opt for its premium version, you get:

  • Stereo recording
  • Bluetooth microphone support, and more. 
  • No ads.  

5. Voice Recorder Pro

The Voice Recorder Pro app is laced with several features and an intuitive UI. You can record in AMR, PCM, and AAC formats. Hence, there are lots of options available. Not only this, but you also have the following features at your behest. 

  • Easy file management.
  • You can record phone calls as well.

It’s considered the easiest and most serviceable application available that can be used for free. 

6. Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder offers the following features and its fundamental audio recording job. 

  • It supports cloud storage to preserve your internal storage. 
  • You can also skip the silence portion in the recording.
  • Sensitive controls.
  • Adjustable sample rates.

It receives frequent updates and possesses a good customer rating on the Play Store. You can use it for free or opt for the premium version, which is again affordable. 

7. BandLab 

BandLab is an above-average sound recorder mostly used by professional bands. It features the following:

  • 12-track mixer
  • Several audio samples
  • Guitar tuner
  • Built-in loper 

8. RecForge II Audio Recorder 

RecForge II Audio Recorder should be considered if you’re looking for any of the below options. 

  • Customize the bit rates.
  • Record in mono mode or stereo mode.
  • Customize the sample rates.
  • Alter the chosen codecs.

You get the following features with this app:

  • You can schedule meetings.
  • Connect to multiple microphones.
  • Adjust the pitch, playback rate, and tempo.

You can still record with this app while using other apps on the screen. 

Support for all common audio file formats, built-in file sharing option, online editing tools, etc., are the pros of using the app.

However, it also has a few cons. For example, for some file formats, you can only record up to a limit, and it’s not easy to use, especially for someone who doesn’t have much experience. 

9. XRecorder by InShot

You can record internal and external audio on your Android phone using XRecorder by InShot. For this, follow these steps. 

  • Launch the application on your phone.
  • Tap on Allow recording audio if prompted.
  • In the floating ball menu, select the Setting option.
  • Under the video section, tap on Audio Setting.
  • If you want to use your device’s microphone for the purpose, tap on the Microphone icon. Or, if you want to record audio of some app or anything else along with your voice, tap on the Internal and Microphone option.

Once you complete these steps, you’re ready to record. Follow the below steps for the same. 

  • Open the app or anything you want to record. 
  • Tap on the Red Circular button to start recording. You can see the timer on the button itself.
  • When you want to stop recording, tap on the Stop button on Orange Square.

You can edit the file as well before sharing it with others.

How To Store Audio Recording In Android?  

With the audio recording process now over with help of all the above third-party apps, let’s learn how to save the recording. Most of the above apps will typically save the recording on your phone’s storage if you’ve got sufficient storage left on the device. But if you don’t or your phone gets damaged or lost, this storage method might not be the most effective or best.

In case your phone is lost or gets damaged, you might lose all of your recordings saved on the phone’s storage. But you don’t need to worry as there are ways by which you can protect your recordings. 

You can save your recording on your Google Drive or Dropbox. With this, you won’t lose the recording even if you lose your phone anyhow. You can also choose this option of saving if your phone doesn’t have internal storage. 

Therefore, you should always check the application’s storage capabilities and features before selecting the app for voice recording on your phone.

Such as Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder and Easy Voice Recorder Pro are the apps that’ll save your recording to Google Drive or Dropbox. It’ll not only protect the recordings, but also contribute to saving the internal storage of the phone.


There shouldn’t be any confusion about recording audio on an Android phone. As in the above article, everything is pretty much covered. It’s not a major issue especially when there are constant updates in the Updated versions. 

But it’s always better to know the solution to little problems that might arise especially if you have an older device. And at least one of the above will work for your phone regardless of version.

Does Android have a built-in voice recorder?

Yes, all modern Android devices have a built-in voice recorder that can be used for recording your audio. 

Which is the best voice recorder app for Android?

Several apps serve this purpose precisely. Some of them are ASR Voice, Recorder, Dolby On, Easy Voice Recorder, Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder, LectureNotes, etc.

Where to find your audio recordings on an Android phone?

You can either find the audio recording in your internal storage or the Google Drive/Dropbox on your Android phone. 

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