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Indoor Security Cameras: Features you Need to Keep Your Home Safe

Indoor Security Cameras: Features you Need to Keep Your Home Safe

Research something like “the best indoor security cameras of 2022,” and you’ll get a mountain of results. One way to cut through the nonsense and hone in on what you want is by identifying your needs. Ask yourself which indoor security camera features you absolutely need.

Once you find your perfect camera, you must consider the best placement and location. Here are three ways to make the most of your video cameras. Keep reading for five features every indoor security camera should have.

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1. Audio

So you want to secure your home? Maybe you want to see how your dogs or kids are doing when you’re away? You might also want to keep an eye on your older relatives so you can act quickly in an emergency. We recommend getting a home security camera with audio recording features. If you get an inside security camera without audio, you won’t be able to hear cries for help. Cameras with audio add an extra layer of security.

2. Shutters

This insider tip is especially important if you want the best indoor security camera with recording features. Make sure you’re shopping for an indoor security camera with a privacy shutter. The best overall option comes from our sponsor, SimpliSafe. (More on that later.)

That’s because the SimpliCam has a privacy shutter made of stainless steel. It slides directly over the lens. It will only open when you explicitly permit it.

This is a great way to protect your privacy since hackers have been known to watch people through their security cameras. A shutter is an extra layer of protection: Even if a cybercriminal breaks in, they won’t be able to see anything since you put the shutter over the camera.

3. Multiple Days of Recording

What’s the point of a security camera that runs out of batteries? Get a long-lasting camera. Not only that, but you should also pick an option that keeps your recordings for at least seven days.

The best wireless indoor security camera comes with robust storage options. You want to keep each video clip for at least seven days, so you have time to collect evidence in case of a break-in. If you have a camera that deletes the footage after each day, you might lose critically important video clips.

Bottom line: The best continuous recording security cameras of 2022 keep your video clips for at least a week. That way, you can focus on the things that matter — instead of scrambling to save videos before the day runs out.

4. HD Video

The best DIY smart security solutions come with high-definition footage. This intuitive enhancement helps you monitor and record footage your wireless security camera collects. Blurry footage will be of no use to you; you’ll want video clips you can actually see.

HD video can clearly capture a burglar’s face. Police can use that footage to track down the bad guy. Even if he’s wearing a mask, an HD camera can still pick up critical details, like body shape, clothes, accessories and more.

An indoor security camera needs to record in full HD to be as useful as possible.

5. Reputable & Quality Brands

Always research the company behind your security cameras. SimpliSafe is an award-winning home security system, so you know it’s engineered with the latest technology you want to keep your family safe. But what sets SimpliSafe apart is its people.

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