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3 Essential Features of an Effective Commercial Video Camera Surveillance System

3 Essential Features of an Effective Commercial Video Camera Surveillance System

Selecting the best commercial video surveillance or video camera system to protect your office, retail store or other properties can be daunting. You can simplify the selection process by keeping in mind these vital features. 

While your professional surveillance or video camera installer should guide you through the process, and probably has already done due diligence on the best products, having a solid knowledge of the must-haves can be empowering.

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Storage and management

We have all grimaced during a true crime TV episode when the hapless store owner utters the words, “we record over that every 24 hours.” Gone are those days of recording over your analog surveillance visuals or even digital data stored on a memory card with limits that only support a certain amount of footage.

With a modern commercial video surveillance system, camera data is securely stored on-premise or in the cloud, accessible from anywhere, anytime on any device. Data can be quickly shared with local law enforcement, or even your insurance agent, simply and easily. Worried you left a window open in your retail shop? A quick check of your video surveillance system on your smartphone and you can rest easily at night.

It is important that as you evaluate video surveillance systems, you fully understand the security and accessibility of your data, and whether options are available for both on-premise and cloud storage. Also discuss who “owns” your data – is the cloud storage option a subscription service, and do you sign away your rights when you set up your account? Look for on-premise storage completely under your control, and be sure to understand the process for downloading and sharing files to ensure they meet your needs.

Flexibility & Personalization

One video surveillance system does not fit all. Sure, the hardware may seem similar, but general availability video cameras are not purpose-built for commercial video surveillance. Look for hardware fully supported by commercial grade technology that enables integrations with other security and business technology such as access control, WIFI, or VoIP phone systems. Does the system react quickly, offer two-way audio, and other advanced tech that extends your investment?

If you are running a daycare (or perhaps doggie daycare), parents often expect access to apps that allow them to securely observe your property and their children using real-time streaming.  See our post on video cameras for daycare.

You will also want to be certain that your video surveillance is a true “system,” interfacing seamlessly throughout your property. Can video surveillance policies be applied across the entire array? You will want that level of management and personalization to be simple and intuitive. Again, your professional video surveillance installer should be able to guide you to the correct hardware for your particular needs.

Professional installation and optimization services

Effective commercial video surveillance is not as simple as mounting cameras and setting up your cloud storage system. a true video surveillance professional will take the time to understand your goals for the system, adjacent technology you’d like to integrate into your deployment, the correct number, type, and placement of your cameras and other accessories, and then support your system after installation to ensure optimal results. Some installers even offer managed systems with long-term support and optimization options.

The bottom line: 

When you invest in a video surveillance system, you are investing in protection for your business, your employees, and your customers. Take the time to think through what goals you have beyond simple video and how the right surveillance system can deliver more than safeguarding your property.

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