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Best Spy Apps for iPhone- 2022

Best Spy Apps for iPhone- 2022

A spy app is an application that allows you to look at what someone else is doing on their phone. They can also have peripheral features such as browser history monitoring or GPS tracking.

There are hundreds of alleged spy apps on the iPhone; however, many don’t work or function suboptimally compared to their competition. Remember that these apps aren’t inherently unethical; for example, they can help monitor children’s internet use.

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Best Phone Spy Apps

We’ll be looking at various criteria to determine the best spy apps for iPhone. If an app allows you to spy on iPhone without installing software or is a free spy app for iPhone, we’ll be giving it a higher placement due to those merits.

1. mSpy – Overall Best Spy App for iPhone Users

mSpy is another parent-focused undetectable spy app for iPhone. However, this one is a bit harder to use than Spyic, but it makes up for this with advanced features. You can easily remotely control apps and programs on the spied iPhone from anywhere globally.

The tool can easily spy on location, social media use, messages, calls, and multimedia files. You can also quickly set up screen recording and even look through browsing history within a few clicks. Where other tools might have difficulties with GPS tracking features, mSpy’s is highly accurate, with geofencing support and location history viewing capabilities.

mSpy doesn’t require you to jailbreak the target’s phone and will also save and display all of your children’s texts on your parental dashboard so you can view them even if they’re deleted. You can even look at the images and videos sent through messaging.

The app also allows you to pick and choose which WiFi networks your kids can connect to and the sites they can visit. Its keylogging feature will enable you to look at your children’s social media activity even if it’s on a platform mSpy can’t monitor.

2. eyeZy – Best Spy App for Real-time Alerts

eyeZy is one of the best iPhone spy apps for real-time monitoring and tracking. With this spy app, you can get alerts when the target phone enters or leaves a geofenced areas. You can also be alerted to incoming calls or for specific keywords in text messages and on social media apps. eyeZy can even send alerts when the target user searches for an inappropriate keyword or phrase.

eyeZy has tons of other features, too. This app enables users to monitor messages across social media apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more. It can capture screenshots and browse photos on an iPhone, plus search through a target phone’s calendar and email.

One of our favorite things about eyeZy is that installation is incredibly simple. Users can install eyeZy directly onto an iPhone or use iCloud sync to install the app. Alternatively, it’s possible to install eyeZy over a local WiFi network using an iPhone’s local sync feature.

Once installed, the app is very difficult to detect without specialized software.

3. uMobix – Best for Monitoring Social Media Apps

uMobix is our top pick for monitoring social media apps on a target iPhone. With this spy app, users can track a target’s activity on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tiktok, YouTube, Reddit, and more. uMobix is even capable of spying on users’ conversations in dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, giving parents an incredible amount of transparency into what their children are doing online.

uMobix is also packed with more general features, including a built-in keystroke logger and GPS tracking. Users can also remotely control a phone’s settings to limit time on specific apps or to prevent access to a phone entirely. uMobixuMobix

One unique feature of this app is that it enables users to monitor deleted data and modifications to contacts. If a target user changes a contact’s name, for example, the monitoring user will be notified and uMobix will help them keep track of the original contact name.

uMobix can also be used to remotely activate an iPhone’s camera or microphone, or record activity on the screen. That makes it very useful for monitoring more than just what’s happening on the phone itself.

4. Cocospy – User-Friendly Spy App for Beginners

Cocospy is the best spy app for iPhone on this list regarding its user-friendliness and ease of use. The app can be set up and installed within 5 minutes as advertised and provides you with a straightforward dashboard through which you can spy on the other device.

While the tool is simple, it’s not easily outdone in terms of the sheer breadth of features it possesses. It allows you to monitor GPS location and read any SMS or iMessage, including deleted ones. It also tracks all multimedia and audio files exchanged with the monitored phone.

Cocospy also allows you to monitor social media chats, extending even to more underground networks outside of the usual Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat. You also get access to the calendar and contact book of the spied device. Like most more advanced tools, it comes with a keylogger and allows you to look at the phone’s gallery and file storage.

5. XNSpy – Popular spy app for iPhone without access to the target phone

XNSpy is one of the few iOS spy apps that can work perfectly without jailbreak – and even without installing software. This makes it one of the best spy apps for iPhone without access to the target phone. It’s a giant in the iOS spying space, and for good reason. The app is cram-packed with features but maintains a great degree of user-friendliness.

It also comes with handy alerts. With the premium version, you can get an alert whenever a watchlist word is mentioned on the phone or whenever the other person receives an email. You can also remotely use the other phone’s camera to record their surroundings or even stealthily wipe data.

As one of the best hidden spy apps for iPhone, XNSpy is nigh-undetectable when installed on a monitored device. XNSpy also allows you to read emails off of the targeted device and is compatible with iOS and Android, so it’s also one of the best Android spy apps.

With XNSpy, you can effortlessly monitor and look through multimedia files stored on the tracked device. This is great for checking if someone at your firm has sent pictures of a prototype to a competitor or similar situations.

XNSpy lets you monitor the location of the spied phone and location history to see where they’ve been before.

6. IKeyMonitor – The Best Free Spy App For iPhone

IKeyMonitor is the best free spy app for iPhone. It has exceeded other free spy apps for iPhone in our testing due to the breadth of its features. It’s also compatible with Android phones, and upon installation, the app is immediately set to stealth mode.

Once you’ve installed IKeyMonitor on an iPhone, you won’t need to fiddle with the customization anymore. You can also remove the app from the targeted phone with ease. It was initially developed as a keylogger software; however, it has expanded to provide complete remote control of the target device, including taking screenshots, recording video, and more.

IKeyMonitor is relatively simple to use, providing a user profile and control dashboard of the targeted iPhone. The tool is also great at dodging malware scanners and antivirus programs since it installs itself as a system app.

7. Spyic – Best iOS spy app for monitoring children’s phone use

Spyic is the best iOS spy app for monitoring children’s phone use. It allows you to block unwanted messages, sites, and more with a single button. It tracks SMS messages, GPS location, and even social media. One of its best features is that it can also track deleted calls and messages.

Spyic lets you monitor whatever social media platform you want, including Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. You don’t need to root or jailbreak the phone to monitor it. You also get access to a keylogger feature that easily lets you track your kids’ keystrokes. You can also remotely access their camera or microphone to monitor their conversations and track their browser history to ensure they’re not looking at anything inappropriate.

The tool allows you to monitor your children’s multimedia files to ensure they’re not keeping anything from you. All in all, few tools do iPhone spying for parental purposes as well as Spyic.

8. Mobile Tracker – One of the Best Spy Apps for iPhone For Free

Mobile Tracker’s free version is one of the best free spy apps for iPhone. It allows you to track all activities on the targeted iPhone easily. You can look at multimedia files, messages, GPS location, and more.

If you’re looking to take your experience to the next level, then Mobile Tracker’s flexible pricing plan will allow you to customize your pricing to get only the features you need. However, the free version is nothing to scoff at either, as it will enable you to take screenshots every 2 hours and monitor up to 5 calls daily; although you can only monitor one device.

You can take remote control of the device, allowing you to lock it, use the camera, or record sound remotely. You can also monitor various multimedia files, including photos, images, and audio recordings.

Mobile Tracker Free is also great for parents, allowing them to restrict phone use by blocking out all applications. Furthermore, it will alert you immediately whenever something is added to the spied iPhone’s calendar.

9. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is one of the best hidden spy apps for iPhone geared toward both employers and parents. It comes with GPS location tracking, call audio, and social media monitoring. There is also a free edition, which isn’t bad for free spy apps for iPhone.

The tool automatically detects SIM card changes and works on PCs and phones. It works on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices. You can also remotely view all activity occurring on the spied device and track to-do lists. This allows you to determine when a task is added or completed on the spied device’s software.

It can also monitor most apps used for hidden communications like Kik, Viber, and Snapchat, letting you keep track of communications that are usually kept hidden or automatically deleted. You can also SMS messages and calls even if they’re deleted from the call history.

10. Spyera – Leading iOS Spy App for Monitoring

Spyera is one of the best iOS spy apps for general spying activities, and most of its features don’t require you to commit to complicated rooting procedures. It provides text message tracking, social media monitoring, app usage tracking, and more sophisticated features like call recording.

You can also remotely turn WiFi or internet connectivity on or off on the spied device, letting you monitor the time your kids or employees spend online. It notifies you immediately in case the device’s SIM card has been changed.

The tool also allows you to enter complete remote control and shut down or restart the phone. It’s also entirely hidden and anonymous. You can even track if any USB or wireless connections were attained with the device.

All in all, Spyera is an excellent generalist tool with a reasonably affordable premium plan and quality user interface, although the beginner experience could stand to be a bit simpler.

11. – Best Spy App for Multiple Devices

Mobilespy provides an excellent multi-phone dashboard. It allows you to monitor up to 2000 devices, making it ideal for a business setting. The dashboard is simple and intuitive, allowing you to seamlessly switch between the multi-device view and any single connected device.

It monitors a variety of social media, ranging from Facebook and Instagram to the likes of VK and Tumblr. Any messages sent are instantly saved and can be retrieved at will. You also get real-time access to all photos, contacts, calls, videos, and messages. They’re even archived in case they get deleted.

Mobilespy gives you access to GPS tracking and a WiFi tracker that gives you information on all nearby WiFi networks and their locations. It also allows you to see whether or not the device is online or offline.

One of the more unique features is that you can monitor notifications. This means all messages that pop up on the spied phone will also pop up on yours.

How do iPhone Spy Apps Work?

The answer to this question varies from app to app. However, the best spy apps for iPhone will install themselves as a system file or won’t require installation at all.

The ones that establish themselves as a system file work by disguising themselves as a part of the iPhone’s operating system and then transmitting information directly to you. This is why many of them require a jailbroken phone.

Most apps that don’t require installation work through iCloud and are only capable of transmitting online-related information. These apps take the lead from iCloud synchronization rather than directly from the target’s phone.

Why Use an iPhone Spy App?

Monitoring Children

Children have access to a wide variety of inappropriate content through the internet. Whether this be conducting inappropriate behavior through social media, messaging apps, or simply looking up content not fit for their age. Parent-oriented iPhone spy apps allow you to monitor and stop this.

They also provide GPS tracking and geofencing, which can be a great boon if your child gets lost, kidnapped, or merely loses their phone.

Finally, you can monitor the amount of time your children spend online, as some of these apps allow you to lock their phone or simply lock the internet browser.

Looking At Employee Activities

iPhone spying apps will allow you to monitor what your employees are doing using company devices or simply on the company WiFi. Trading secrets with competitors or merely browsing unproductive or inappropriate sites.

iPhone spying apps let you control this by blocking out inappropriate websites and allowing you to monitor messaging so that your secrets are never shared without your knowledge.

Theft is also a significant issue with expensive devices such as iPhones. iPhone spying apps have GPS tracking capabilities and will alert you if an employee tries to change their SIM card.

Spying On Cheating Lovers

Cheating happens, and regardless of whether or not it’s ethical, sometimes people need that little bit of knowledge to help them sleep soundly at night. iPhone spying apps let you monitor your lover’s social media activities and spot if they’re receiving or sending inappropriate messages.

This can help you feel safe about your relationship or help rebuild trust in a relationship where an event like this has already occurred.

Ensuring The Safety Of Your Own Phone

iPhone spying apps are outfitted with GPS tracking features and will alert you if your SIM card changes. This means that if your phone gets lost, you can simply track it down to its location to retrieve it.

If your phone gets stolen, you can show the GPS data to the police and get immediately alerted if the thief tries to change the ID card. You can also lock the phone out from being used by using some of the best iPhone spy apps on the market today. This stops them from using the phone or stealing data from it.

Can You Spy on an iPhone With Just the Number?

Yes and no. It is possible to gain basic information on the phone’s location and essential information about the user, such as the name and address. However, more in-depth spying, such as monitoring their internet activity or SMS messages, is impossible with just a number.

Can You Spy on an iPhone Without iCloud Password?

Yes! While most tools like mSpy or Cocospy that can spy on an iPhone require you to install the tool on the phone, it’s still possible to spy without the iCloud password. Specific tools like XNSpy will have certain features stop working while remaining fully functional. This is because these tools download themselves directly onto the phone and only rely on iCloud for real-time synchronization.

Are There Any Undetectable iPhone Spy Apps?

Absolutely. XNSpy, for example, is the best undetectable spy app for iPhone as it downloads itself as a system file and can even spy on iPhone without installing software. While these apps are theoretically detectable with enough technical proficiency, 99.9% of users will be unable to find them.

Are iPhone Spy Apps Safe?

It depends. Certain apps out there pose as spy apps and are malware, but as long as you stick to trusted software, you’ll be completely safe.

Free iPhone Phone Spy Apps

Trustworthy free spy apps for iPhone are pretty few and far between. These apps present a great opportunity to dip your toes into that software. It’s worth noting, however, that while these apps let you spy on iPhone for free, they’re generally less powerful than paid apps.

Are iPhone Phone Spy Apps Legal?

While this depends on your jurisdiction, it’s generally only legal to install spy software on iPhone if it’s with the other person’s consent or if it’s you or your child’s phone. Installing spy software on an individual’s iPhone without permission is highly illegal and can incur significant fines or even jail time.

How to Use a Phone Spy App for iPhone

For this example, we’ll be using XNspy, the one of the best spy apps for iPhone, according to our testing. Note that you’ll need a jailbroken iPhone with the Cydia app installed on it. Make sure to register on the official XNspy website, and you’ll get an email with a link and a password code; these will be used later.

Step 1 – Cydia Setup

Press the Cydia icon on your phone screen, then press “Sources” at the bottom of your screen. Following this, press “Edit” on the upper right and press “Add” on the upper left. In the following prompt, enter the address you got with your registration email.

Step 2 – Access Monitoring App

Wait for the download to complete, then press “Return to Cydia” at the bottom of the screen. In the list that pops up, press “MonitoringApp”. Then, press on the “System” folder and then the “Monitoring App” folder.

Step 3 – Installation

On the upper right, press “Install”, then press “Confirm” on the upper right. Wait for the installation to complete, then press “Restart Springboard”. Finally, press the “SystemTask” app on your home screen.

Step 4 – Begin Monitoring

In the screen that pops up, enter the code that was emailed to you. Press “Activate”, then press “OK” and enjoy spying on the iPhone by remotely logging into the control panel.

Best Spy App for iPhone – Conclusion

The best spy app for iPhone in our testing has proven to be mSpy. While free spy apps for iPhone can be tempting due to their nonexistent price tag, it’s worth spending money on high-quality software. mSpy proves itself to be the best spy app for iOS due to its breadth of features and the ability to spy on iPhone.

The tool lets you take complete control over the target phone remotely, leaves no traces, and is barely trackable. If you’re looking for an app to help you spy on iPhone for any reason- you can’t go wrong with mSpy.

What is the best spy app to spy on iPhone?

Our testing shows that XNSpy is the best spy app for iOS. It’s incredibly comprehensive, has many features, and can even allow you to take complete remote control over the other person’s phone. It’s nigh-undetectable and enables you to spy on iPhone without installing any software. All in all, the quality pricing, interface, tech support, and features make XNSpy the best spy app for iPhone

Can you spy on someone through their iPhone?

Yes, we’ve ranked the best spy apps for iPhone in this list. They all give you varying degrees of control and information based on the target iPhone.

What spy apps can be installed remotely on iPhone?

There aren’t many legitimate iOS spy apps that can be installed remotely. Two of the best ones are Xnspy and iKeyMonitor- one of the only free spy apps for iPhone with this functionality.

How do I spy on an iPhone?

• Pick an iPhone spy app on this list • Download it • Open it and follow its user manual to set it up • Set it up on the target phone • Spy on their iPhone activity from the central dashboard

How do I find hidden spy apps on iPhone?

It’s notoriously difficult to find some hidden spy apps on iPhone, as without jailbreak, it’s impossible to access your system files. However, the easiest way to remove these apps for good is by performing a factory reset of your phone. Alternatively, you can attempt using advanced antiviruses or anti-spyware tools, albeit you will sometimes be unable to find some of them.

Can you spy on iPhone without jailbreaking?

Tools like mSpy or iKeyMonitor don’t require jailbreaking for some of their spying features. However, many apps will require jailbreaking to access their full features.

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