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How to Prevent Wireless Microphone Eavesdropping

How to Prevent Wireless Microphone Eavesdropping

We all need privacy and blocking out a listening device is relatively easy. But the question is how we know or what we should do in case we suspect someone who may have planted a listening device but haven’t found one yet. At least we want to ensure that it is unable to function correctly. Here are some tips on how can you check and block out a listening device and keep it from recording or transmitting your private conversations before going to electronic bug sweeping services:

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Examine items in your home

Listening devices come in various shapes so pay attention to your furniture, behind any decorative items, and anything new in your home. 

Study your walls and ceilings

Check small patches of discoloration on the walls or ceilings. You might also see some white dust on windowsills or skirtings.

Listening bugs might be using power to stay on and record your private conversations, so check for any visible or unusually-placed wires and USD cords at home.

Search your wifi networks

Many listening devices might make use of hotspots or wifi so it is vital to check the router to see what connected devices are currently listed. 

Check your current devices

They might choose to put bugs in your existing devices like cell phones. They could also put an app on your phone that uses your microphone for recording.

RF (radio frequency) detectors

The best thing that you can do is check with electronic bug sweeping services. You can start with a radio frequency detector, a device that can radio frequency waves from other devices, like spy gadgets that might be planted in your home. You can ask for bug sweep services for RF detectors and they’re easy to use. Just move it around the room so that it can detect if there are any devices releasing radio signals. In addition, before you use the RF detector, you’ll have to switch off your wireless devices like routers and smartphones so the detector won’t pick these up. Sweep it around the room carefully and these detectors will sound an alarm when you get closer to the source of the signal.

Auto jammers

These are used to neutralize sounds that hidden microphones are trying to pick up. Position the jammer in the place where you think someone has put a listening device. Audio jamming devices are usually small and compact, so they’re easily hidden from view. You can use sound jammers to block out various other listening devices like RF transmitters. It releases white noise that prevents the hidden listening devices from being able to record audio. You can inquire about auto jammers at your trusted bug sweep services.

White noise generators

White noise generators are small and work well to create noise that will distort the audio that hidden listening devices are trying to receive. Some audio jammers include white noise generation in their features to make them even more powerful. You can also find acoustic noise generators that create noise that prevents eavesdropping devices like microphones, audio transmitters that are in AC outlets, and more from working.

Detection items are being sold on the internet and are not of good quality or capable of really detecting electronic devices. This should be left to the professionals who have the training, expertise, and equipment necessary to detect listening devices, etc. The equipment used by professionals cost from $100, 000 to $200,000.

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