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Home Security Trends of 2022

Home Security Trends of 2022

It’s become increasingly popular for homeowners and renters to consider purchasing home security systems. The home security industry will continue to experience growth as more people relocate to urban areas and new technologies emerge.

It can be challenging to stay on top of the latest trends, especially because technology advances rapidly and new startups emerge consistently. However, staying abreast of home security trends provides insight into the future and what new technologies may crop up in the next few years.

Here are five top home security trends to watch for the rest of 2022 and 2023. They are likely to dominate the market as time goes on.

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1. AI Adoption

AI is already a ubiquitous technology in many aspects of life, from smartphone voice assistants to futuristic, self-driving cars. More companies in the residential security industry will make hefty investments in AI to power the next generation of their devices. 

AI will play an instrumental role in automating many processes in current systems, such as alerting homeowners of intrusions or contacting local authorities. More emphasis will be put on improving current surveillance systems with facial recognition, suspicious activity detection, machine learning, intelligent tracking and people counting. 

2. Smart Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is a critical component of home security, so more companies will focus on creating smarter solutions. Outdated systems can drastically expand a homeowner’s carbon footprint, so companies must focus on creating sustainable, eco-friendly outdoor lighting products for security purposes.

Companies may also bolster their research and development to incorporate solar-powered lighting into their product offerings. Consumers concerned about security and sustainability would likely pay more for products that offer protection without negatively impacting the environment.

3. Video Analytics Capabilities

The security camera is a staple in the home security market. Many homeowners start by purchasing a camera or video doorbell and buy more products as time goes on. There are various options, from basic cameras that capture video to those with true wireless capabilities, like trail cameras.

In addition to advancing the technology powering these cameras, the role of video will likely become amplified. Solutions with these capabilities rely on high-tech algorithms to add sense and structure to any captured footage. 

4. Aesthetically Pleasing Hardware

Homeowners looking to secure their property without compromising curb appeal will benefit from more aesthetically pleasing security system hardware. Some products stick out like a sore thumb on someone’s home or in front of their apartment. They are unattractive and can also be obvious to criminals who may be looking to circumvent them.

Companies will more than likely try to improve their security products by focusing on design. Producing cameras, sensors and other security devices that blend into someone’s property could become a lucrative market opportunity since most devices are now fairly basic looking.

5. Enhanced Cybersecurity

Modern home security systems are quite advanced and secure, but they still have their fair share of vulnerabilities. Companies must focus on enhancing their cybersecurity measures to protect their customers as the cybersecurity landscape continues evolving.

No customer wants their home network compromised because it could leak sensitive data, such as financial or medical information. Privacy and cybersecurity will be two priorities in the home security industry as it advances.

New Smart Home Security Solutions: Building a Safer Future

The concept of home security is not new, but the tools and technologies people use are. It’s no surprise that smart systems are evolving due to IoT, low costs, easy installation and the peace of mind they bring. 

Keep an eye out for these residential security trends during the rest of the year and into 2023. They are primed to become increasingly popular as time goes on.

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