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Audio Recording Software: Podcasts & Beyond

Audio Recording Software: Podcasts & Beyond

Producing your own content is a rewarding and fun experience. And you’ve probably noticed just how many people have started their own podcasts these days. Sure, producing your own content is fulfilling and enjoyable, but another reason podcasting so so popular is that professional-grade audio recording software is more accessible than ever.  

Still, finding the right audio recording software can be challenging. So, here’s a list of the best the recording apps and audio programs available to help you produce high-quality podcasts.

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Audacity Captures Streaming Audio for Free 

Audacity is an easy-to-use audio recorder and editor for computers. It’s easy to use and has a ton of features from editing to effects to a variety of plugins.

Audacity is open source, which means a group of volunteers develop and tweak this free software. Then, they distribute it under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Free, open-source software gives users the freedom to use, change, and enhance the software whenever there’s a problem or there’s something to improve. 

Garageband Isn’t Just for Making Music

You may have thought Garageband was just for recording music, but it also makes fantastic podcast recording software, too. Garageband is available on both the macOS and iOS platforms, making it an excellent option for those who want to create audio recordings on the go. It’s also fantastic for beginners who have Apple devices because it’s free and easy to use, with a simple interface that makes recording, editing, and mixing podcasts straightforward.

All of this makes it fun to play with and allows you to add more creative flair to your podcast. 

TwistedWave Lets You Publish Online Directly 

TwistedWave is a smart sound editor that records audio directly in your browser window. You can also import existing audio files to edit and export the final version to share. TwistedWave also publishes your podcast directly to the social media platforms of your choice for extra ease. 

But all of these features do come at a price and TwistedWave isn’t free like other software on our list. Still, it has a free trial, so you can see if you like it before committing.

The TwistedWave app is available on Mac and iOS for $9.99. Or, you can download a public beta version of the program for Windows 7–11. 

Produce Like a Pro With Adobe Audition 

The Adobe Audition sound editing program features a multitrack, non-destructive mix/edit environment that allows you to make changes and edits without altering your original recording. This could be the way to go if you’re new to audio recording and don’t want to override your originals.

But if you’re not bothered by changing your original recordings, there’s also a destructive-approach waveform view of editing, which makes permanent changes to the original audio file.

Professional broadcast, video, and film production commonly use Adobe Audition for recording, editing, and mixing. So you know if you opt for this software you’re going to get a professional-grade audio recording.

Adobe Audition is available for computers running Apple iOS and Windows. 

Logic Pro X Allows Multiple Voices on Your Podcast 

Available only for macOS, Logic Pro X is audio recording software for podcasters that allows you to record multiple tracks at a time. This is especially handy if your podcast will feature more than one person.

Logic Pro X can record up to 16 tracks simultaneously, making it an excellent choice if you plan on having a cast with many members. It also has an option called “Roundtrip,” which allows you to record tracks on different devices within the same network. Then, you can automatically sync them when you import them into Logic. 

If you need to edit clips after recording or mixdown to mp3 (for delivery), Logic Pro X can handle that too.

Logic Pro X is fairly expensive at $200 per license. But the good news is that you may already own it. If you bought your Mac from Apple it’s included for free in the iLife suite of applications. There’s also a free trial version available on so you can give it a spin before committing to the full purchase price.

Hindenburg Is a Web-Based Podcast Platform for the Novice & Pro

Hindenburg audio recording software is an extremely popular platform for podcasting, and it’s easy to see why. It’s easy to use, even if you haven’t used audio editing software before, but it also offers some more advanced features for the pros. You can use Hindenburg to record, edit, and publish your podcasts all from one place and you can do it all from your internet browser.

Thanks to its intuitive design and helpful tutorials, you can start using it immediately, even if you’ve never used audio recording software before. 

Beginners will enjoy so much functionality in an easy-to-use package. And since Hindenburg is web-based, pros are glad they don’t need to worry about portability or compatibility issues when recording podcasts on different computers.

Zencastr Takes Podcasting Remote

Zencastr audio recording software for podcasters allows you to record interviews remotely, so you can reach out to exciting guests and get them on your podcast no matter where they live. This is especially handy for podcasters who don’t live in the same city, state, or even country as their guests or co-hosts.

Zencastr works by having each person record their audio track from their computer. Then, the software syncs the tracks when your guest uploads them to Zencastr. You can also record videos of your guest or share your screen with them while recording audio. 

Produce Quality Podcasts With Audio Recording Software

Now’s the time you put your skills to use to produce quality podcasts for your audience. Hopefully this list has given you some ideas on where to start. But with the help of social media, the right audio recording for podcasters, and a few good ideas, you too can bring your voice to the masses. 

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