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‘Hey Siri, How Do I Enhance My Home Security?’

'Hey Siri, How Do I Enhance My Home Security?'

Finally, Apple users can have their cake and eat it too: They can automate their entire house, including their security system – with HomeKit cameras. Apple users don’t need to have a separate app or device (like an Amazon Echo for instance) to automate or have hands-free control of their home security. HomeKit cameras enable Apple users to use their existing Apple devices like a HomePod or iPad, to control their home security. 

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Why Choose a HomeKit Camera?

If you’re using an Apple TV or an iPad for your personal entertainment or convenience, you already have the hub for HomeKit cameras. And when a Hub is paired with a HomeKit camera, you gain access to some great home security features, as well as end-to-end encryption both for in-home use and when you store video up in the cloud (more on that in a moment). 

That additional encryption and security is the biggest benefit to owning a HomeKit camera. We’ve all heard the horror stories of people hacking into home security cameras, but Apple’s end-to-end encryption makes it incredibly difficult and protects you and your family from experiencing data invasion.

How we Chose the Best HomeKit Cameras

You already have a HomePod, Apple TV or iPad, so now it’s time to find the best HomeKit Camera for you. Here are some of the criteria we used to determine HomeKit cameras worthy of your hard earned dollar: 

Video Resolution – All of the cameras below will at least capture 1080p video. 

Night Vision – All of the cameras below have night vision while some even produce color night vision. 

Additional Features –  We looked for cameras with features like facial recognition or customizable activity zones to provide a more streamlined home security experience (and one that doesn’t bug you with unworthy notifications). 

Apple Users, it’s time to automate your home security via HomeKit. Below you’ll find the best HomeKit cameras that come in the form of indoor, outdoor and even video doorbells.

1. Netatmo Outdoor HomeKit Security Camera

Unlike many of the HomeKit cameras, and many other outdoor security cameras for that matter, you don’t need to subscribe to any additional plan to enjoy all of the a

Netatmo Outdoor Security HomeKitCamera

vailable features on the Netatmo Outdoor Security Camera. That includes customizable recognition of people, pets and cars as well as a loud 105 dB siren to scare away intruders. There’s also local recording of video via MicroSD. Not only is this an affordable option, but also a convenient one that takes video recording safety seriously with local recording capabilities. 

 Buy: Netatmo Outdoor Security Camera $335.72

2. Eve Outdoor Cam

eve outdoor homekit camera

This Homekit camera has a 157-degree field of view which covered the entirety of our SPY testers back yard during the review of the Eve Outdoor Cam. The video it captures is clear both during day and night, while the floodlight helps turn night video into color night vision. A lot of the camera’s capabilities are tied exclusively to HomeKit like automation, timers and facial recognition. But if you already have a HomePod, Apple TV or HomePod Mini, this outdoor HomeKit security camera has all the tools you could want.

 Buy: Eve Outdoor Cam $249.95

3. Logitech Circle View Wired HomeKit Security Camera

While having a wired camera does come with inconveniences – tied to a power source and installation – it does mean that you never have to worry about changing out

Logitech Circle View Wired Home Security Homekit Camera

 a battery or having your camera go dead. With an IP64 waterproof rating, it works both as an indoor and outdoor camera and it’s small enough to place discreetly in any place you can find power. It shoots clear 1080p video, has two-way communication and a wide 180 degree field of view that covers a lot of area.

 Buy: Logitech Circle View Wired Home Security Camera $159.99


4. Eufy Security Solo IndoorCam

At under $50, this indoor Homekit camera is a solid option. It’s $10

Eufy Security Solo Indoor homekit Cam

0 less than the Logitech Circle View, yet still sports sharp 2K video, two-way audio and night vision. And if you decide to move away from HomeKit to another AI like Amazon Alexa or Google, it supports that as well. There is local video storage, but for cloud storage, the camera does require a Eufy subscription. 

 Buy: Eufy Security Solo IndoorCam $42.99


5. Logitech Circle View Wired Doorbell

The Logitech Circle View Wired Doorbell requires installation and connection to your existing doorbell wires, but the advantage there is you never have to worry about charging the battery, which we had to do about every three months with the Wyze 

Logitech Circle View Wired Doorbell

Doorbell Pro our SPY team reviewed. This video doorbell comes with a lot of features including head-to-toe video – great for seeing packages left on the porch – color night vision, and facial recognition, but like the Eve Outdoor Cam, it requires having a hub device like a HomePod and an iCloud+ plan.

 Buy: Logitech Circle View Wired Doorbell $184.99 (orig. $199.99) 8% OFF


6. Ecobee Indoor WiFi HomeKit Security Camera

This indoor HomeKit camera works great as a standalone indoor camera and as part of a full home security system. It has a wide 180 degree field of view as 

Ecobee Indoor WiFi Security HomeKit Camera

well as night vision and two-way communication so you can talk to your family or pets while you’re away. In a security bundle with Ecobee, the camera will  automatically turn on and off when the alarm system is armed/disarmed and shuts off automatically when the family is home to maintain privacy. It also doubles as a smoke detector, which is a cool extra feature.

 Buy: Ecobee Indoor WiFi Security Camera $98.68


7. Eufy Cam 2 Pro Wireless Home Security Camera System

This camera bundle can completely protect the outside of your home with HomeKit compatible cameras. With clear 2K video (1080p if you’re viewing in HomeKit), and night vision, the cameras remain clear at all times. It’s a 

Eufy Cam 2 Pro Wireless Home Security HomeKit Camera System

wireless system with strong battery life that can last up to a year without a charge and all of your video footage records locally, so it does not require any subscription to cloud services, which is convenient and cost effective.

 Buy: Eufy Cam 2 Pro Wireless Home Security Camera System $599.99

8. Aqara Security Camera Hub

More than a HomeKit camera, the Aqara Security Camera Hub can 

Aqara Security HomeKit Camera Hub

also serve as a hub for other Zigbee devices, much like your Echo can for Alexa devices. Speaking of home integration, beyond HomeKit it is also compatible with Google, Amazon, and IFTTT devices, so if you switch smart home services, you won’t have to replace this camera. The camera itself has HD resolution (1080p), night vision, and you can set high activity zones to reduce the amount of trigger notifications you receive.

 Buy: Aqara Security Camera Hub $69.99

9. Eve Cam HomeKit Indoor Camera

One of the main advantages of HomeKit, and all Apple products for that matter, is the personal data security. 

Eve Cam HomeKit Indoor Camera

The end-to-end encryption provides peace of mind that others can’t hack into your video stream. Beyond the heightened data security, the camera produces full HD video quality with a 150 degree field of view on a base that can swivel 360 degrees. It can also differentiate between people and pets. But like the Eve Outdoor Cam, you’ll need a subscription to a 200GB Apple iCloud storage plan to access all of the features.

 Buy: Eve Cam HomeKit Indoor Camera $149.95

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