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Microchips vs GPS Trackers for Pets: What’s the Difference? – Phoneweek

Microchips vs GPS Trackers for Pets: What's the Difference? - Phoneweek

When it comes to pet tracking technology, there are a whole lot of misconceptions, some of which can be fairly dangerous. Pet parents naturally want tracking devices that can keep their pets safe, but all tracking devices aren’t the same. You may have heard of microchips or GPS trackers for pets, and you may even believe they’re the same thing. But that’s simply not true – microchips for pets and GPS trackers are completely different.

This article describes the core differences between microchips and GPS trackers for pets.

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Microchips: identification chips for lost pets 

Microchips are radio-frequency identification (RFID) implants for pets. They’re extremely small electronic chips that carry a unique identification number. Most microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and weigh 0.025 grams. They’re not big enough to contain GPS or hardware – they only contain the owner’s contact information. Vets can scan the microchip ID to retrieve the owner’s contact information, thus reuniting a missing pet with its parents.

You can’t track your pets with microchips

One of the biggest misconceptions about microchips is that they’re used for pet tracking. That’s simply not true. Microchips aren’t big enough to store GPS or other localization data – they only carry the owner’s contact information. Pet parents can’t use the microchip to track their pets’ locations or find any information about their whereabouts.

Microchips only work after your pets are lost

Microchips are only useful when your pets are lost. The person who finds your pet will have to take them to a veterinarian’s office. The vet will scan your pet to detect the microchip, following which they can retrieve your contact information. Microchips only work after your pets are lost and rely on the kindness of strangers.

You have to constantly update your contact details

A microchip is implanted into your pet with your contact information. If you change any of your contact details, such as your number or address, you need to update your information in the microchip company’s online database. But most pet parents don’t have any idea where or how to update the information. If you don’t update your contact details, scanning your lost pet’s microchip will lead to a dead end.

GPS trackers: track your pets in real-time

GPS trackers for pets are devices that allow you to track your dogs or cats in real-time. Tractive is widely considered one of the most reliable GPS trackers for cats and dogs because of its sophisticated location tracking features. With a Tractive GPS tracker, you can receive constant updates about your pet’s real-time location, so there’s no risk of them getting lost. You can track your pets anywhere in the world.

Create virtual safe zones to prevent your pets from wandering off

Dogs are adventurous creatures that like to wander off, but they always come back home. But there might be instances where they take longer to return or get lost. Tractive GPS Dog Tracker allows you to create virtual safe zones. If your dog wanders outside those regions, you will receive an instant notification, allowing you to retrieve your pet.

Learn about your pet’s frequent haunts with a location heat map 

Do you ever wonder where your cats and dogs go when they’re wandering around? Tractive GPS Cat Tracker provides a comprehensive location history of your pets, so you know exactly where they’ve been over the last year. You can also find a heat map that identifies the regions they visit most often, allowing you to better understand your pets.

Pinpoint your pet’s precise location on a map to be reunited

Tractive GPS Tracker prevents your pets from being lost. If you can’t find your pet, you can use the GPS tracker on your smartphone to find their precise location. You receive real-time updates of your pet’s location, allowing you to track their movements and retrieve them. Your pets can’t get lost if you always know where they are.

The bottom line: microchips identify your pets when they go missing, and GPS trackers ensure they never go missing 

If you want to keep your pets safe, your first line of defense should be a sophisticated GPS tracker. With Tractive GPS Tracker, you receive real-time updates about your pets, so you always know their whereabouts. If you can’t find your pet anywhere, you can simply whip out your smartphone to receive their accurate location. Microchips are valuable for identification after your pet goes missing, but GPS trackers prevent that from happening in the first place.

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