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How to use Your Android Phone as a CCTV Security Camera

How to use Your Android Phone as a CCTV Security Camera

One can never be too secure these days and security is something that you should never compromise, especially the security of your home. That’s why in this article, we’ll show you how you can use your android phone as a CCTV security camera.

Security cameras (CCTV) are one of the most common methods to secure either a home or an establishment. However, it’s not a fail-proof system and crime deterrent. It’s only there to ensure that you have proof or recorded evidence that a crime did occur.

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Having your own security camera system can be quite expensive, especially because of the required maintenance to keep your system going. Fortunately, there’s a cheaper alternative that can replace a CCTV system and that’s using your old phone as a security camera.

If you have an old Android phone or tablet lying around in the house, why not revive it and use it for a different purpose? Did you know that you can turn your old dust collecting device into a fully functioning security camera? And that’s without spending a dime.

Why Use Your Android Phone As A CCTV Security Camera?

If you’re on a budget or on a tight financial situation, the ability to turn your old Android phone or tablet to a CCTV Security Camera System is great. Not only that it can work well, but it can also be done for free.

With an old Android phone acting as a security camera, you can record and secure certain places or location. You can also use it as:

  • A baby video/audio monitor system
  • A pet camera
  • A device just to keep an eye out

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How to Turn Your Old Phone Into a Home Security Camera

Turning your phone into a home security camera (CCTV) can be quite easy. There are a lot of apps available from the Google Play store that will let you turn your phone into a security camera. However, we opted to recommend one app that has really been working for us and that’s Alfred Home Security Camera.

To begin, download and install the Alfred Home Security Camera app and follow the steps below.

Note: You need to install the app on your old Android device and to your current one as well.

Step 1: Register An Account

Next step is to launch the app. Once up and running, you need to register an account. It can be a Google account or a local account.

Step 2: Device Configuration

Once logged in, set your old device as the camera and set your current device as the viewer.

And that’s it! All you have to do now is find a suitable location where you can place your old phone and safely leave it there.

Step 3: Position The Camera Phone

If you are having trouble finding the best spot for your camera security phone, we recommend using a phone holder.


With a tripod phone holder, you can easily place your security camera phone anywhere at home. It can be set to portrait or landscape orientation and it is also flexible enough to be placed on any surface.

Tip: To cover a wider area, it is recommended to place the remote wireless Android security camera phone in a higher location.

Alfred Home Security Surveillance Camera (CCTV)

There are more ways and methods to turn any phone into a security surveillance camera or wireless CCTV. However, the Alfred Home Security app is by far the easiest and simplest app that will let you do this setup.

The app is available for free but it can also be purchased to unlock its full potential such as better camera quality (Security Camera HD), recording, zoom, record longer videos, motion detection schedule, remove ads, and longer cloud storage.

Alternatively, you can also opt to IP cameras which is a cheaper alternative and easy to set up as well.

Final Thoughts

As security is something you shouldn’t compromise, you can use this popular and simple surveillance app on your smartphone to monitor and safeguard your home or your workplace.

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