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How to Stop iPhone GPS Location Tracking – Geeky Gadgets

How to Stop iPhone GPS Location Tracking - Geeky Gadgets

Many of the apps on your iPhone probably use location tracking. This article will show you how you can turn off GPS location tracking on your device.

Apple’s iPhone comes with some great privacy feature that gives you more control over your information and your privacy. You can change these and select which features you want to use and which you do not.

It is possible to turn off the iPhone location tracking for individual apps and also on your device completely. If you decide to turn it off completely then some features may not work on your iPhone.

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How to turn off location tracking completely

If you want to turn off location tracking on your iPhone completely then this can be done from the settings menu on your handset.

What you need to do is open the Settings app on your iPhone and then scroll down to Privacy, then select Location Services and you will then see a toggle switch next to Location Services. This is on and green by default, slide the toggle to the left, and Location Services will be turned off.

Location Services are now turned off on your iPhone, with the exception of when you use the Find My app on your device. If you use this app then Location Services will be temporarily restored, this will also be the case if you enable Lost Mode on your iPhone.

How to turn off location services for individual apps

If you want to choose which of your apps can use your locations rather than turning off the feature completely, then this can be done for each individual app. This is probably the best option of the two for you to choose, as it will only affect that app and not all location services on your device.

To do this on your iPhone go to Settings and then Privacy, now select Location Services, and scroll down to the bottom where all the apps are listed.

Select the application you want and then choose one of the options available, you can choose  “Never” and your location will never be used with that app.

Another option is Ask Next Time Or When I Share, this will ask you next time that the app wants to use your location. You can also select While Using the App or Always as options for sharing your location in the app.

Those are the main options available to turn off location tracking on the iPhone, and personally, I normally turn this feature off for individual apps. The majority of apps really do not need your location for any reason.

Turning the feature off for individual apps gives you more control over your privacy and then the apps that need this feature still have access to it. If you turn it off completely then no apps can use your location. You can find out more details about these features on the iPhone over at Apple’s website.

This guide was written using iOS 15.6 which is the current version of Apple’s iOS at the time of writing. We hope that you find this guide useful, if you have any questions about the location services on the iPhone, please leave a comment below and let us know.

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