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An Overview of IoT GPS Trackers

An Overview of IoT GPS Trackers

An IoT GPS tracker has a wide variety of benefits. Not only can you find out where your child or your pet is, but you can also get live tracking. These devices can also be used to keep track of e-bike fleets. Their live tracking feature makes them ideal for private users, as well as companies that want to track their e-bikes.

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NB-IoT IoT GPS Trackers

An NB-IoT GPS tracker is a smart device that combines GPS positioning and low-power communication. Its advantages include long battery life and wide coverage. It can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, it can help prevent pet loss. The device can provide real-time location updates, historical tracking, one-key SOS call, and more.

An NB-IoT GPS tracker is waterproof and robust, so it can be used indoors or outdoors. It also has the ability to scan Bluetooth beacons and measure activity levels. Its sensitivity is adjustable and allows you to send messages to the device.

NB-IoT GPS trackers operate over a narrowband network so they consume little energy. This feature safeguards the rechargeable battery, extending its lifespan. In addition, this tracker can work without any local network setup. The low-bandwidth of NB-IoT allows the tracker to work anywhere. It can also last for several years without changing batteries, which saves on maintenance costs.

Another advantage of NB-IoT GPS trackers is that they can be used to track assets and vehicles. The GPT12-L can work in remote environments and can provide location data for longer periods. This tracker has a standby time of three years, which makes it an excellent choice for long-term tracking.

NB-IoT is fast gaining momentum and is becoming a common technology for many businesses and cities. The technology allows for a wide variety of uses and offers flexibility for businesses of all sizes. As long as the network is reliable, it can be used effectively.

MiniFinder Zepto

The MiniFinder Zepto is one of the most compact GPS trackers on the market. It connects to a vehicle’s diagnostic port and power source for real-time vehicle tracking and reporting. It is a safe, effective way to keep track of your vehicle and contribute to safer driving. It also provides comprehensive anti-theft protection and electronic driving records approved by the Swedish Tax Agency. Furthermore, MiniFinder Zepto has a host of administrative features that will streamline daily operations.

MiniFinder Zepto GPS tracker is certified by the Swedish Theft Protection Association, which means it offers insurance benefits. This unit can operate worldwide and is compatible with MiniFinder GO tracking system. Unlike traditional tracking devices, the MiniFinder Zepto offers comprehensive protection for your property, giving you uninterrupted peace of mind. When it detects motion, it alerts you and gives you the exact location of your property. It can also alert you if an unauthorized person is trying to steal your property.

The MiniFinder Zepto uses the vehicle’s OBD port for power. It will alert you when the vehicle leaves its safety zone and send sabotage alerts if anyone tries to steal it. Moreover, it can detect the vehicle’s battery voltage and send a low battery warning. Whether you need a vehicle tracker for your car or a family member, Zepto can help you.


The Oyster3 is an IP67 rugged and waterproof IoT GPS tracker that updates its location every five minutes. It also saves battery power by sleeping when it is not in use. It is designed for short-term asset tracking and supports user-customizable geofences and alerts. It can be installed inside a box trailer and has a long battery life.

The Oyster uses three AA 1.5V Lithium batteries, which are easily available at retail stores. Energizer and Duracell make these batteries. You can also find them in bulk from industrial suppliers. These batteries have high capacity and excellent performance. They are also ideal for use in harsh conditions and temperatures.

The Oyster3 NB-IoT GPS tracker from Digital Matter is a battery-powered GPS asset tracking device that can be installed in any environment. The Oyster3 has an in-built battery meter and an accelerometer. It also has 4G connectivity and seamless integration with MyGeotab, a web-based asset management solution. The Oyster3 can also be set to send updates on a certain schedule. These updates are sent to the device by SMS. The Oyster3 NB-IOT GPS tracker also has an in-built theft recovery mode.

Particle Tracking System

The Particle Tracking System is an IoT platform for fleet management that incorporates an open firmware library and a cloud-based management platform. This allows for rapid configuration and modular implementation of IoT assets. The software also supports publishing and reporting of location data. It can work with off-the-shelf IoT sensors.

The Particle Tracking System is a highly configurable, scalable and extensible IoT reference product that includes everything you need to monitor, map, and manage data. Its Tracker One unit comes with a M8 connector port for easy connection to any vehicle system or external sensor. It also has an accelerometer, which can track temperature, acceleration, and motion.

Particle’s Tracker is capable of monitoring asset location in real-time. It also includes acceleration and temperature sensors, and its open firmware enables it to support additional IoT sensors. It also manages all of its data through the Particle IoT Platform.

The Particle Tracking System is an open-firmware IoT tracking system designed for commercial use. It has several features, including real-time asset tracking, temperature monitoring, acceleration monitoring, and other variables. For example, the device can also be used to monitor the state of cargo in transit.

BrickHouse Security

BrickHouse Security has made a name for itself in the security and personal protection sector, and they have now branched out into IoT asset tracking solutions. Their Spark Nano GPS Tracker is rugged, fast, and durable. It can track the movement of assets across a large area. It even works in remote areas and is wireless.

GPS trackers can be expensive, but the cost is small compared to the benefits of data connectivity. These trackers can help businesses cut costs by eliminating the need to track expensive assets manually. With the ability to log asset movements, companies can build total cost-of-ownership profiles for each asset. By tracking asset’s usage history, businesses can make informed purchases that help increase efficiency.

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