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Gaining Control of Your Privacy: Advice from an Expert Bug Sweeper

Gaining Control of Your Privacy: Advice from an Expert Bug Sweeper

Have you ever stood in front of an empty room and wondered what may be lurking in the shadows? The rise of illegal recording devices means that no place is safe anymore and this has contributed to a culture of voyeurism that is changing our society. Under Pennsylvania law, the intentional possession of electronic devices, knowing that such devices can be used to obtain images or recordings without consent is a criminal offense.

Just last month in Norristown, invasion of privacy and other criminal charges were brought against a local man who allegedly operated an unlicensed dance studio in the basement of a Montgomery County residence. According to police, the man installed a hidden camera in the bathroom of the studio to watch students as they undressed. 

Fortunately, some things can be done to prevent this from happening in your residence. Here are three bug sweeping expert advice to keep in mind.

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Take a close look at your surroundings

You should begin by searching every nook and cranny of all accessible areas looking for anything that looks suspicious or out of place. Hidden cameras may look like ordinary household items, but they often contain recording devices designed to record audio or video as well as flash photography. Be aware of what you are looking at because these can pose a threat to your safety. If no suspicious items can be discovered, then the next step is to look at the ceilings and walls where evidence may have been stored. Look for anything unusual such as cracks or scorch marks. Also, look for evidence of paint pouring or tape removal. It is also possible that evidence has been tampered with and should be searched carefully. 

Call an expert

Hiring electronic bug sweeping services is one of the best ways of detecting the presence of eavesdropping devices. The team of experts will check the location and make sure that the property is free from any concealed microphones or cameras. An expert bug sweeper will use different types of counter-surveillance equipment and even thermal cameras to detect extremely well-hidden devices.

With bug sweeping services, you can also have your home or commercial space checked to determine which areas are vulnerable to bugs. Electronic bug sweeping services are not only limited to fixed locations such as homes or offices, but also can be used if you want your car, mobile phone, and other personal spaces to be free from illegal surveillance. 

Invest in counter surveillance equipment

There is no doubt that spies are becoming more sophisticated, and their attacks more devastating. To protect your private space, you need to spend some money on counter-surveillance equipment. It is not just a question of catching a spy in the act, but rather about protecting yourself in advance and setting up an effective defense system.


Regain control of your personal space. If you believe that your house or office is compromised, call for bug sweeping services like Forletta Investigative/Security Consultant . They have the technology and skills to do an assessment of your office or home and to identify any possible threats. 

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