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iPhone GPS Tracking Apps: Reviews & Recommendations

iPhone GPS Tracking Apps: Reviews & Recommendations

Have you been looking for a way to keep track of what your kids or partner are doing when you are not around? Or have you ever been afraid to misplace your iPhone? Then this article is for you, as we will take a look at some of the top iPhone GPS tracking apps. Through the use of these tools, it is possible to keep accurate track of your loved ones or locate a lost device. 

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How Do Tracking Apps for iPhone Work?

The working principle of tracking apps work is similar from one app to another. When it comes to an Android device, the procedure requires installing an APK file on a smartphone of interest. Hence knowing the lock screen code is also necessary. Conversely, if you know the person’s iCloud credentials, you are not burdened with any installation or physical access unless 2FA is activated. Having finalized the setting up, remote monitoring becomes possible. Some apps on the market may require jailbreaking or rooting, but that’s another story.

After signing in to your user account, it is possible to supervise various activities on the target device, namely, call logs, messages, social media, browser history, any keystroke entered, multimedia, ambient sound, etc.

If you find a free tracking app for iPhone, it’s luck since you may assess the ins and outs of software in practice. Some of the tools we describe in our article offer a free trial, so keep an eye out.

What Is the Best Tracking App for iPhone?

An iPhone tracking app is considered a smartphone surveillance app that enables you to keep track of each and every activity happening on a selected device. Through these applications, it is possible to track various activities such as messages, incoming and outgoing calls, current location, etc. 

By using the best tracking apps for iPhone, you get to meet with software that works without any issues and hitches, offering value for money. It is vital to mention that the app you intend to use should be user-friendly and meet your tracking requirements. Our recommended characteristics to pay attention to include stealth monitoring, keylogging, ambient sound recording, screenshots-capturing feature, real-time monitoring without the need to jailbreak or root, 24/7 customer support, and a free demo.

Best iPhone Tracking Apps in 2022

Hearing the word “spy” may create the wrong picture in someone’s head. However, the reasons that make users turn to such software may be justified by an ethical reason, such as keeping your close ones safe and sound. Make use of 5 best iPhone tracking apps popular among users on the net, backed with feedback on forums and rating sites, outlined below.

SpyBubble – Best App for Tracking iPhone Remotely

SpyBubble is an extremely easy and convenient tracking app that can be used on any iPhone device you want to monitor. Among iPhone tracking apps, it is a well-known stealthy software that offers features expected from a quality spy application. Your target will be unaware that their activities are being monitored since SpyBubble operates without rousing suspicions. It captures real-time data and delivers it to a convenient dashboard accessible from any browser. 

This tool is mainly targeted at people that want to ditch their disloyal partners of cheating, though its monitoring functions will fit for other goals as well. Some major features of SpyBubble include:

  • Stealthy phone camera activation
  • Call logs
  • GPS tracking
  • Device blocking
  • Geofencing
  • Keylogging
  • Screenshot capturing

FamiSafe – Best iPhone Tracking App for Parents

FamiSafe is known as a free iPhone parental monitoring app that helps hassled parents or guardians keep track of their ward’s activities. With this software, it is possible to monitor the location of your child during school hours and know if their cell phone has been switched off at bedtime. It’s also a great way to prevent them from getting addicted to their gadgets. 

Because teenagers tend to get distracted easily by social media, parental control app is a way out to limit access to specific applications. Parents who want to properly monitor the activities of their children can make use of some FamiSafe features:

  • Real-time location tracking
  • App blocking
  • Web browser monitoring
  • Screen time monitoring

GEOfinder – Best GPS Tracking Tool

GEOfinder is a geolocation service that functions by detecting someone’s current location through phone number. It is considered one of the best spy apps for iPhone as it does not require any software to be installed to enable GPS tracking. 

All that is required is to send a text message and the user to follow the link sent through the SMS. With GEOfinder, you can track precise iPhone location and be instantly notified once it is available. The app offers a $1 trial offer and allows checking out its glitch-free work for 48 hours. The number of geolocation requests is unlimited, though they can be sent every 3 hours (to prevent rousing suspicions in a target). 

XNSPY – Best Hidden Tracking App for iPhone

XNSPY is considered to be unique when compared to other tracking apps, as it enables you to get alerts on specific keywords typed in on a phone of interest. XNSPY also uses some of the latest GPS monitoring features, social media tracking, screen recording, listening in to calls and ambient sound, and much more. 

What distinguishes XNSPY is that it enables full access to WhatsApp chats of the target phone without jailbreaking or rooting. Other features of this app include keeping track of all third-party apps used on the device, tracking calls, browsing history, multimedia, etc. If you are looking for the best iPhone tracking app, consider skimming through this one.

iKeyMonitor – Free iPhone Tracking App That Is Not a Scam

This free app is considered the best choice if you are on a tight budget but still need to reach your tracking goals. Upon installing iKeyMonitor on the target iPhone, there is no need for you to worry anymore about customization. The app is quite easy to use as it provides you with the opportunity to obtain full control over the device of interest. Since iKeyMonitor is installed as a hidden application, it is able to bypass any antivirus program and malware scanners.

The main drawback is that the free plan offers limited functions compared to a paid one. However, the pricing is pretty affordable both for mobile and desktop devices. 

How Can I Track My iPhone Without an App?

There is a way out if you need to locate your iPhone without an app as well. Whether your Apple device is lost or stolen, there are 2 options to turn to. 

Find My iPhone

You can use Find My iPhone to determine the exact location of your misplaced iPhone. To reveal the location of your device, you should have Find My iPhone activated beforehand. 

By using Find My on your device, locate it on the map and play a sound to help the search be easier and faster. In situations when the device is online, you get to view the exact location on the map. When offline, view the site where it was last connected to the network.

Google Maps – Universal and Free Location Tracking Tool

Among free tracking apps for iPhone, Google Maps can be used to track location of any device, whether yours or your friend’s. To do this, you will be required to enable your GPS and share your location in advance so your friend or someone else can later check it out and help you spot it through Google Maps Timeline. All that is left to do is zoom into the map.

You can easily add new people to your location-sharing list by going to Google Maps, tapping your profile picture, pressing location sharing, and adding new users. 

How to Make Use of iPhone Spy App

Basically, a spy app enables you to monitor certain activities, such as incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, GPS location, WhatsApp chats, and lots more. With the best apps for tracking iPhone featured in this article, you’ll be able to reach your monitoring goals without physical access required to other phones. 

In case the person’s iCloud credentials are unknown to you, you may want to install tracking app on iPhone, but the activities to spy on will be limited. 

In any case, make sure to compare the apps offered on the market and find the right one based on pricing, compatibility, features, and expert reviews.


Is it legal to use iPhone tracking apps?

The use of these applications is only legal when it has to do with tracking a minor’s phone or locating your personal device. However, when installed on another person’s device without permission, it can result in a jail term or the payment of heavy fines. Make sure to consult laws in your jurisdiction. 

Do I need to jailbreak an iPhone to use tracking app?

Not all iPhone tracking apps require a jailbreak before you can use them. However, to gain maximum access to all the features the app has to offer, some applications will require jailbreaking.

Can I use iPhone tracking app without iCloud details?

Yes, there are certain apps that allow you to spy on iPhone without Apple ID and password. With Find My or Google Maps, iCloud details are not required. Google Maps Timeline with updated location history is a go-to option, if need be, to track movements on any day without iOS credentials.


Whether a free iPhone tracking app or one that requires a fee can be quite helpful in various situations – to spot a lost phone, take extra precautions to protect children’s well-being, catch a cheating partner red-handed, etc. Regardless of the reason, keep in mind that any unethical use can have an adverse effect. Hence, make sure to comply with legal requirements in your jurisdiction. Most often, the person whose garget you want to monitor should be informed of your tracking intentions unless it is an underaged child.

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