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How AI-Powered Video Cameras Can Improve Supply Chains

How AI-Powered Video Cameras Can Improve Supply Chains

As the supply chain management industry continues to evolve to meet changing customer demands placed on shippers and suppliers, many organizations are adopting new digital tools to give awareness of current conditions, learn more about their operations, respond to inquiries faster, keep their employees safer and operate at the highest levels of efficiency. However, meeting that demand is more challenging than ever before. Supply chains have been completely overwhelmed, labor shortages have required doing more with fewer on-site staff and increases in orders and returns are overwhelming available employees. These changes highlight the clear need for better visibility into supply chain operations, and there’s now a way to do more with on-site video cameras that can increase situational awareness and safely manage a changing world.

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For years, companies have deployed various security cameras and systems, and several vendors now offer intelligent solutions that include motion detection or image analysis, even providing real-time alerts. Video surveillance technology has advanced significantly in the past few years with the rise of artificial intelligence and computer vision capabilities. Customer use cases also now extend beyond simple theft deterrence or reviewing archived footage. Modern solutions that include embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and specialized analytics can even provide real-time insights that support your safety and efficiency initiatives. By using non-proprietary solutions that can integrate with third-party cameras, customers can leverage their existing investments, instantly adding intelligence to a previously installed set of cameras.

While traditional camera systems have been effective at capturing what happened in the past, they can have serious limitations. For one, most systems store captured video on-site, which can require a site visit to review the footage. Also, people usually have to manually scan hours of video to see what actually happened. Finally, it’s not really possible to give different people different levels of access to the video or see what’s happening in real-time, and real-time awareness is more important than ever.

The good news is, connected video solutions enhanced by AI can now be leveraged to access, analyze, and act upon real time data to more effectively manage supply chain operations. Here’s how:

When you look at the grainy images provided by the older cameras at many sites and compare to the high-quality video used on phones, it’s obvious that there’s an opportunity to improve safety and visibility on the job site. AI-powered video cameras allow organizations to do more with what they already have by reducing product shrinkage, preventing theft, decreasing detention time, helping to minimize workplace injury and allowing you to focus on employee productivity. Companies in the manufacturing, logistics and distribution industry are all looking for ways to increase real-time awareness to create new opportunities and improve productivity, safety and security at their facilities. Taking a look at what’s possible with a smart, AI-based video surveillance system may help transform your business.

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