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How to Hide a Spy Camera

How to Hide a Spy Camera

You don’t have to be a covert agent or deep-cover investigator to learn how to hide a spy camera. There are any number of reasons why you might use a spy camera, and there are a ton of different spy cams out there, masked in all sorts of ways. If you want to remain super covert, you’re probably going to need a hidden wifi spy camera, so you can place it just about anywhere to capture evidence. And before you can start recording, you’ll need to learn how to hide it properly.

Let’s say you’ve gone out a purchased a hidden security camera, and now you have to figure out where to put it. Maybe you’re wondering how to hide a spy camera in your car, or where to hide a mini spy camera on yourself or in your home so that it’s totally concealed. Well, the good news is there are easy ways to hide spy cameras in the home, car, or on yourself in order to capture the evidence without being discovered.

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Best Way to Hide a Camera

A good spy camera must of course blend in with its surroundings so that no one but you, and those that are in on the operation, know it’s there. Covert spy cameras that assimilate seamlessly with household or office items are usually the best for ultra-concealed recording. These cameras don’t look like cameras. They appear to be normal appliances or everyday items. For instance, you might place a Nanny Cam in a child’s bedroom or playroom. Spy cameras can be positioned anywhere in a house or office. Outdoor spy cameras can resemble landscaping lights so they’re not seen.

Again, many spy cameras, like these, are already super concealed, but if you have a hidden wifi spy camera that doesn’t come disguised, you’ll need to obscure its positioning so that it’s totally outside of normal perception. 

Hiding A Spy Camera

First let’s state the obvious: the situation that requires covert recording is going to dictate where, in general, you should place your hidden wifi spy camera. While determining which room or area might be easy, there are some tips for positioning your camera to get the best view of the action while still remaining concealed. 

In general, you’ll want to place the camera as far back as possible to capture the widest angle needed, but still maintaining high-quality recording. Not only does this consider the angle, but the further back a camera is from the action, generally the harder it is to spot. Second, designate all the angles/corners of the room(s) where activity might take place, and assure they are covered. Third, determine all the potential lighting scenarios, including shadows at different times of the day, to make sure your camera stays concealed and the recorded activity stays clear. We don’t want light suddenly shining onto your camera, creating a glare from the lens; and we don’t want the afternoon sun to create a dark spot in the recording area.

Next, you’ll want to assure the concealment works without obstructing the recording. So when determining how to hide a spy camera at home, for example, you’ll want to test out a recording, including a mock performance of the proposed action. This will help assure you are covering all the potential angles in the various lighting scenarios. In many cases, multiple cameras will be necessary in order to capture the evidence thoroughly, even if that means setting up cameras in multiple rooms. 

If you’re placing a spy camera in your car, determine where the action will be and what the lighting may be. Will it occur in the passenger seat, or in the back of the car? Will it happen inside the car, or out the driver’s window? Will it take place at night, during the day, or potentially both? Again you might need multiple cameras, with multiple quality or lighting settings. Next, make sure you carefully read the instructions as to how to properly mount the spy cam, as one that adheres to the windshield will have very different mounting instructions than a concealed car spy camera. Again, the way to conceal and mount the camera will have everything to do with what, when, and where you’re planning to record.

What if the Camera is Discovered? 

So, what if the concealment doesn’t quite work and the person you’re investigating discovers your spy camera? In many cases, you are best advised to be transparent, especially for legal purposes at that point. Do not lie, but rather let the individual know that they are being recorded for the purposes of protection, liability, or whatever the case is. Just knowing they’re being recorded might stop or prevent the activity about which you’re concerned—which may be a good thing in general but a bad thing for evidentiary purposes. 

On the other hand, if the operation must continue, there are some circumstances under which you may be advised to withhold the truth. Again depending on which type of hidden wifi spy camera you’re using and exactly where you’re using it, technically the camera could have been placed by someone else, to capture something else. Though, with a person committing any sort of foul play, you may find it pretty tough to put them back at ease… Whatever the case, determine the proper, legal strategy now, prior to recording, so that you have the story or strategy in place should it be discovered.

Whatever the operation, whether you’re a regular old joe or top secret agent, get a spy camera that captures the evidence right. Do your homework, hide and mount the camera properly, and get the proof.

Stay safe and stay vigilant!

FAQ: What do spy cameras look like?

Spy cameras can look like every day household objects such as lamps, phone chargers, and even power outlets sometimes. To identify them you can use tools such as bug detectors or lens finders which will help to locate any possible spy cameras.

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