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How to Choose the Right Security Camera

How to Choose the Right Security Camera

It’s easier than ever to secure your home, business and personal belongings thanks to the ever-expanding range of video surveillance options. Private security networks are becoming more popular among business and home owners. They can be used to monitor employees’ conduct and deter theft. It’s not hard to see why security cameras are so popular. They can be viewed from either on-premises CCTV monitors or remotely via the Internet.

Are you unsure how to choose the best security camera from all the available options? You can start your search by asking a few simple questions.

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Do you prefer bright light or low light?

Your camera choice will be affected by the lighting conditions in the area you are filming. Your choice of camera is limited if you are filming in brightly lit areas. This allows for clear footage from almost any security camera.

Dim lighting conditions, on the other hand, require extra care as not all video surveillance cameras are built to deal with them. A camera with a light sensitivity rating below 1 Lux will be either labeled Day/Night or listed as low-light compatible. Because they can be used to monitor an area continuously, day/night cameras offer the greatest flexibility.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Outdoor and indoor environments are not only different in terms of lighting conditions (as we have already mentioned), but also differ by a major factor, weather. The indoor climate is controlled with heating, air conditioning, and humidity control. Outdoors, it’s quite different.

An indoor-use security camera can be damaged by wind, rain, ultraviolet rays, and other contaminants. If you have to film outside, make sure to get a stronger outdoor-grade camera. While most indoor cameras cannot be used outdoors, there are many outdoor cameras that can be used indoors and out.

Are you wired or wireless?

Another factor that will influence your decision is whether or not your security camera should be hardwired. While wired surveillance cameras transmit a stronger signal than wireless, they are more secure and reliable because they use cable instead of air. However, it can be more expensive and time-consuming to install as wiring must be done. This can be done by hiring an installer or purchasing the cable and doing it yourself.

Wireless cameras, on the other hand can be placed almost anywhere, as you don’t need to run new cables or patch into existing cable runs. With ever-evolving encryption protocols such as Wi-Fi Protected Access and Temporal Key Integrity Protocol, signal security is becoming less of a concern.

Fixed or PTZ?

Are you going to have your security camera fixed on a single view or do you prefer to be able to see all around the room? A standard-format fixed camera is sufficient if you need to concentrate on a specific area, such as an entrance, parking lot or room. If you prefer the ability to zoom in and swivel your camera remotely to follow the action, or cover a larger area, then a Pan-Tilt-Zoom surveillance camera (PTZ), is the best choice.

PTZ cameras can move their lenses horizontally (aka “panning”) and vertically (aka, “tilt”) and adjust the focus (zoom) unlike their stationary counterparts. You can do all of this at your own command. However, there are PTZ cameras that can also be programmed to automatically adjust the focus (zoom) and tilt their lenses whenever movement is detected.

Remote viewing access or on-premises?

How will you view the video surveillance footage? Many people think a video feed to their digital video recorder (DVR), or CCTV monitor at work is enough. What if you need to monitor things from a distance?

Remote-access surveillance devices also known as network cameras or Internet cameras come in handy. These web-enabled cameras can be connected to a computer network by cable or wireless connection. They allow you to log into and see what’s happening from any Internet-connected smartphone or computer.

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