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How to Upgrade Your Home’s Security in 3 Easy Steps

How to Upgrade Your Home's Security in 3 Easy Steps

There are numerous things you can do to make your home more secure and safe. You should do this as soon as you can, but it is especially critical before the holidays, when so-called “porch pirates” may emerge from concealment to steal items left on your doorstep or in your yard by delivery drivers.

Although it’s a bit of work, you can safeguard your space in a variety of ways, i.e. with home security systems or gadgets as well as with less expensive, do-it-yourself security equipment. To assist you with your home security checklist, we put together a brief list of the easiest and most beneficial things you can do to safeguard your home and keep burglars away.

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Install an Alarm System

It’s difficult to say how many would-be-robbers are deterred by home alarm systems. Some criminals will attempt to completely avoid security systems. The more smart technology you have protecting your house, the safer you will be.

Regardless of how they feel about alarm systems, most intruders don’t want to be caught. So investing in a security system, especially one that emits an alarm through motion detection, is a smart choice. A burglar will most likely skip your house and go for an easier target if they suspect you have an alarm. They simply don’t want the hassle and it’s important to make sure your house looks like the hardest to break into.

Lock The Doors 

34% of burglars enter homes through an unlocked front door. Because of this alarming statistic, you should always remember to double-check your front door (and rear door, for that matter) to ensure that it is secure. You should be able to lock it and it must close completely. Other ideas for making your door more secure include:

  • If your home has previously been occupied, change the locks.
  • Putting in a deadbolt
  • Putting in a camera doorbell
  • Changing to a smart lock
  • Protecting the mail slot

Look After Your Windows 

Thieves frequently break in through windows that have been left closed, but unlocked, by accident. Furthermore, the latches on the windows that come with them, particularly older windows, aren’t always functional, and occasionally they’re completely ineffective.

If you don’t like the look of your window latches, you can improve their security by installing new locks or levers that require a key. You can also use window security film to strengthen the glass, install window sensors or alarms that sound when the glass breaks, install window bars and plant prickly shrubs under the first-floor windows.

Finally, you can replace your windows if they are old or make you feel insecure. For example, you might choose to have casement windows installed to provide more light to your home as well as more protection. 

Ask Your Neighbors to use Your Driveway When on Holiday 

If you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time, invite neighbors to park in your driveway. This makes it difficult for burglars to determine if anyone is home when they are snooping around your house.

This option is fantastic because it is free, and most people will gladly do it. If your neighbors are unable to assist, you can rent out your driveway to commuters for a limited period. If you live near a city center or train station, for instance, this can be profitable. Someone, especially if they drive to work, will always want to utilize your driveway.

Install CCTV

Security cameras are an excellent way to defend your house. If your home is broken into, the evidence from your surveillance cameras increases your chances of capturing the offender and recovering your belongings. Keeping track of how long they were there and how they arrived can aid in the inquiry. You can track the criminal’s movements before and after the crime because so many houses and businesses have CCTV systems. The nicest thing great thing about cameras is that they allow you to monitor your property and/or family in real-time, which is really reassuring. You may watch live events on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or PC from anywhere in the world.

The best part is that technology has gotten to the point where you can buy high-quality, multi-purpose cameras for a reasonable price. This kind of protection doesn’t have to be expensive.

Keep Your Valuables Secure

Some burglars would research potential targets ahead of time to ensure that they only broke into homes containing valuables. So, it’s best not to keep your valuables in places where thieves can see them easily as they walk by. Close your garage door, for example, and don’t leave expensive equipment or bicycles out in the open. Also, don’t leave gadgets, wallets, jewelry, cash, or other valuables in front of open windows. You might also use window treatments such as curtains or blinds to block people from peering in.

Garage Security

Thieves are increasingly using the garage as a means of entry into your home. Even if they can’t get into your house, they’re likely to find a lot of valuable items in your garage. Make it a practice to lock the garage’s inside and outside doors every day.

The garage door opener could alternatively be kept inside the house so a criminal can’t easily steal it from your car. If you use a security code to unlock the garage, keep it hidden and never enter it in front of delivery personnel or anyone else.

Remove Hiding Spots

Trees and bushes may enhance the appearance of your home from the outside, but they also provide a hiding place for burglars. Remove any neighboring trees or plants that could provide concealment. Choose smaller plants and flowers instead. If you have trees near your windows, you should either take them down or strengthen the windows.

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