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Monitors That can Track Your Teen’s Car

Monitors That can Track Your Teen's Car

How can I track my teenager’s car without them knowing?

Anyone with a teenage son or daughter understands that kids this age can be very demanding. This is the age where privacy and personal freedom are the primary concern. Teens don’t want parents to come into their rooms and they don’t want to explain where they are going every time they step out the door. However, the stats surrounding teen driving are very alarming, which has resulted in many parents investing in safe teen driving devices.  What many parents are also discovering is that many teenagers are okay with their parents putting teen GPS trackers on their vehicles for observation of driving activity and that teenage driving monitor apps are actually quite easy to use. Here is our pick for the best devices to help you track your teenager’s car and driving habits!

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SpaceHawk Vehicle Tracking Devices

All of the talks among industry insiders have always been about the differences between real-time GPS trackers and GPS data loggers, and what type of teenage monitoring device is best. Since this type of technology argument is purely subjective depending solely on the user’s needs, the experts at GPS Tracker Shop decided instead to focus on what live-updating device was truly the best on the market. What real-time teen GPS tracker was affordable, reliable, and superior to other devices on the market? After looking at a number of different systems the choice became clear: SpaceHawk GPS.

“When we receive GPS tracking products from different manufacturers we are eager for the devices to show us something new, something special, something our customers will feel is worth their investment”, explained the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GPS Tracker Shop. “Obviously, it is beneficial for us to test tracking devices in search of the best GPS systems because once those top-performing systems are found, we can offer them as part of our exclusive product line. Throughout all of the teen GPS tracking devices we have tested up to this point, our analysts have ranked the SpaceHawk GPS as the best real-time tracker on the market.”

What makes the SpaceHawk stand above products like MotoSafety GPS and a car tracker that plugs into OBD ports, is the fact it was designed by a company based in the United States that has been at the forefront of GPS vehicle tracking for nearly two decades. That means superior engineering as well as technical support available anytime 24/7. The web-based monitoring platform makes it very easy for even those with very little experience with technology devices to view and digest both real-time and historical tracking data. The primary reason why this particular real-time GPS tracker ranks so well is a combination of factors that include support, simplicity, and of course reliability. But don’t just take our word for it, please feel free to contact a GPS specialist and have them walk you through an online demo.

Automotive security technology has manifested itself in many different avenues recently. These avenues include cameras that can record what is going on inside the cab of a vehicle as well as outside of the vehicle, navigational technologies, and other surveillance-based systems.  However, the technology currently employed in large numbers across both consumer and business applications has been GPS tracking. This is because teen GPS tracking devices can provide a significant amount of data and value to those who utilize the technology. This is also the reason why more American parents are using teen GPS tracker technology to improve teen driving safety.

Teen Driving Safety Starts With Monitoring Driving History

Automobile accidents are the top cause of death among teenagers in the United States! That is a very scary thing for any parent to think about. That means more teenagers lose their lives in vehicle accidents than both the combination of suicide and homicide. This is extremely unfortunate because in many cases teen automobile accidents can be prevented.

The biggest influence on teen driving behavior is parental driving behavior, therefore it is critical that parents provide a good example for their teens. All these factors show us that the risk is real and parents need to do whatever is necessary to prevent their teens from becoming a statistic. That means setting a good example, reminding teens to wear their seat belts, and most importantly overseeing teen driving activity to be certain safe driving practices are being utilized.

Teen Driving Oversight Begins With GPS Tracking

Teen GPS tracking devices are small gadgets that can offer parents both a real-time and historical view of teen driving activity. This data can be life-saving information because teen GPS trackers provide everything from how fast a person drives a car to the locations that they visited. What is even more impressive is that real-time GPS monitoring devices can be programmed to notify concerned parents if their teen driver is exceeding a pre-set speed limit. “Teen driving safety has been an increasingly growing market for our industry as parents are now seeing the value that GPS can have in terms of promotion of safe driving practices”, explained GPS Tracker Shop President of Operations. “The technology has evolved to be user-friendly, cost-effective, and most importantly life-saving in its ability to reduce or eliminate bad driving behaviors.”

How Parents Can Help Teenage Drivers

When a parent makes the active decision to oversee the driving activity of their teen, they will undoubtedly find themselves learning about GPS monitoring devices and the benefits the technology provides in increasing teen driving safety. However, it is important to recognize that GPS tracking units themselves cannot modify driving behaviors and enhance safe driving probabilities. This is because teen GPS tracking devices are unbiased data collectors. The gadgets will let a parent know if a teen is driving too fast, driving late at night, or going to locations they should not be going to. However, once a parent has this data the responsibility then falls upon themselves to intervene and make the tough parental decisions that will shape a teen’s driving behavior. For example, if a GPS tracker notifies a parent that their teen had driven in excess of 70mph 10+ times in a week that is a clear red flag. But if a parent ignores these danger signs by not talking with their teen driver about the consequences of speeding, then it is likely the teen themselves won’t change their driving practices. The parent must show the teen the GPS tracking data, explain the dangers of those behaviors, and create some form of consequence if those behaviors are continued. The parent can also create a reward system for those dangerous driving behaviors that are decreased as well. Teen driving risk is real and parents should be aware of the frightening statistics associated with inexperience behind the wheel. The teenage driving monitoring device can play a critical role in evaluating teen driving behavior but it is the parent who is responsible for shaping those behaviors. Getting the information is important but acting on it is even more important.

GPS Tracking: Reasons Teens Are Okay With It

Your initial thought might be there is no way a teen would simply let a parent equip a real-time GPS tracker to their car, but facts seem to suggest otherwise. First of all, many car insurance providers look fondly upon those who take additional security measures to safeguard their automobiles. Therefore, many of these car insurance companies will provide auto discounts for those teens who have GPS trackers on their automobiles. Since many teens pay for their own insurance, this cost savings is something that is welcomed. One of the biggest pet peeves among teens is that they feel at times parents are always bugging them about where they are going, and where they have been, and questions that feel like an intrusion. When a teen knowingly allows a parent to place a GPS vehicle tracker on their automobile the parents will not have to ask questions that may irritate the teen about comings and goings. This is because the parent can simply go online at any point in time and see where the teenager has been and how long they were at that location.

Having a conversation about teen GPS tracking devices also creates a bond of trust that will often result in the teen having more freedom and the parent having less stress. Extended freedom is another reason why teens are saying yes to GPS tracking. This is because when parents can actually validate where a teen is going it relieves anxiety. By having the ability to instantly locate where their teenage son or daughter is in real-time, the parent feels more comfortable letting their teen go out during the week or stay out later at night. This is because they have instant access to the whereabouts of the teen. In fact, real-time teenage driving monitoring devices can alert parents the moment they arrive or depart from home. This alert can be sent as a text message right to the parent’s cell phone. Another reason why teenagers are green-lighting is personal safety. Most teens do not know how to change a tire if they got a flat or fix moderate mechanical issues on the spot. If a teen had car trouble or any other emergency situation occurred they could easily contact their parents. The parents could quickly go online and see exactly where the teen is located, sending assistance.

How to Begin GPS Tracking Your Teen’s Vehicle

In today’s world, most parents purchase the first vehicle that their teen will drive. This is a perfect opportunity for the parent to set up a condition that if they are going to be financially backing the cost of the car, they will also need to make certain that the vehicle is being driven responsibly and safely. Unfortunately, a teenager’s word is not the type of data that can be evaluated and analyzed to ensure safe driving. Parents can set the contingency that they will help pay for the cost of the automobile with the caveat that the teen vehicle be equipped with a real-time teenage driving monitoring device. Parents do not have to lie and explain that the GPS tracking device will allow them to make sure that the car is being driven at safe speeds, the teen is not doing anything stupid while driving the vehicle and if there is ever an emergency that the parents could quickly locate the teen vehicle. Honesty is crucial when discussing GPS teen tracking and that is why parents need to be upfront. The reality is that teen driving is dangerous and anything that a parent can do to reduce the possible dangers is a positive thing.

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