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How to Proactively Deter Thieves

How to Proactively Deter Thieves

Scaring off burglars can seem impossible, especially if you don’t have any self-defense training or extensive security systems. However, you can still do some simple things to protect yourself and your property from burglars.

Here are some common sense tips on how to scare off burglars that should help keep you and your family safe from crime.

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Invest in Motion-activated Light Detectors

Motion-activated lights are a great way to deter thieves. These lights turn on when they detect motion, so you don’t have to worry about wasting energy when there’s nobody around.

Thieves always want to hide in the dark corners and are scared of light because they know that people will be able to see them if they are in the light. However, if a light shone from above, that person would stand out because they would be visible from below.

Install Home Security Cameras

Home security cameras are the most effective way to scare off burglars. If criminals see that they’re being watched, they will be less likely to break in. Plus, if the cameras trigger an alarm, you’ll have evidence of the crime. You could use dummy cameras if you don’t have the means to install expensive security systems. Thieves will never be able to establish if it’s a dummy or a real camera.

Set up Decent Alarm Systems

Installing a good alarm system is the first step in scaring thieves. Alarms that mimic a barking dog or something equally menacing are effective because loud noises often spook burglars; however, they can be expensive.

Motion-activated alarms detect movement from potential intruders and alert homeowners via flashing lights and loud alarms. These systems have more upfront costs than most alarm systems but may require more upkeep over time to ensure they’re working correctly.

Adopt a Security Dog

Dogs are a highly effective deterrent against thieves and burglars. Research has shown that the presence of a dog outside your house can reduce the chance of burglary by nearly 90 percent. Dogs are great for keeping burglars at bay and make you feel safer and more secure in your home. A fierce dog significantly keeps any intruder at bay.

Install Signs Indicating Extra Security

It is a clever and crafty way of keeping thieves away. Some examples of threatening security words include:

  • ‘Beware of dog’
  • ‘Under the surveillance of CCTV cameras’

These might not be factual statements, but they are meant to scare away anyone with some ill motive for stealing.

Create a ‘someone is home’ Illusion

If you have an alarm system, you can also make it look like someone is home by setting the alarm when you leave the house or go on vacation. The idea behind this is that thieves want to break into homes that appear empty, so they don’t get caught.

Motion-activated or timed lights are another excellent option because they turn on as soon as someone approaches your property. Remember, burglars love stealth, so anything that makes them feel visible will keep them away!

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