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Noteworthy Gifts for the Writer in Your Life: Audio Recorders, Whiteboards & More

Noteworthy Gifts for the Writer in Your Life: Audio Recorders, Whiteboards & More

The best gifts for writers are the ones that will make them more comfortable as they hone their craft, and help them get over the dreaded writer’s block. Each of these gifts will show the writer in your life that you care and support them and their work.

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Digital Voice Recorder

It’s a strange truth for writers that the best ideas always come when they are ill-prepared to write them down, but a good handheld, portable digital voice recorder will ensure they can always preserve their thoughts. Look for one small enough to fit in a pocket, like these from EyeSpySupply.

Cozy Lamp

Hours and hours of writing can take its toll on the eyes, but moody lamps will help them to see what they’re doing with more clarity.

Post-it Notes

You never can tell when inspiration will strike, but when it comes from something they have read, sticky notes are a must-have. Post-It Notes will allow them to mark the pages that they need to revisit, and even collate them into categories with the different colors included.

X-ACTO Pencil Sharpener

Some people write better with a pen, and others – like Ernest Hemingway – prefer to write with a pencil. If you know a wordsmith who falls into the latter category, treat them to an X-ACTO electric pencil sharpener, which will keep leads sharp and reduce breakage so their creative flow is never interrupted.

Magnetic Whiteboard

Whether they use it for character development, world building, or just for scribbling down ideas as they come, a dry erase board is a highly useful tool for writers. Look for one with an added benefit of being magnetic, so those ideas scribbled on paper can be added to the board, too.

Book Stand

It’s true that a good writer should be an avid reader, and if the scribe that you know enjoys reading the old fashioned way, help them to do it in comfort with a book stand.

Roruban Pocket Memo A5 Notebook

Make sure they always have paper to jot down their ideas with an A5 pocket-sized Rollbahn notebook. Available in a range of colors, this spiral-bound book comes with 70 sheets with a 5mm grid design, strong metal spiral bindings, and an elastic strap to keep the notebook closed.

First Edition Book Cover Art Print

If they have a favorite classic book, treat them to a print of the original first edition, framed in birch wood and acrylic glass. With classics like Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, these high quality prints will make a stunning addition to their home or office wall.

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