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What is Sticker Tracking and is it Right for You?

What is Sticker Tracking and is it Right for You?

Over the past decade, companies have realized the important role technology plays in their supply chain. Technology is automating all types of processes in production and logistics. Smart machinery has taken off rapidly, but in recent years, tracking remote assets with IoT technology has been at the forefront of most businesses’ minds. While deciding to use IoT for tracking is a great first step, deciding on the type of technology can be challenging. A recent popular option companies are considering is sticker tracking.

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What is Sticker Tracking?

Tracking with a sticker is pretty much how it sounds. Users attach a sticker with unique information to an asset they want to track. Users can use an app or other UI to see the location of the assets after scanning the stick to connect. These stickers are typically as small as a coin to reduce the amount of space it takes up. 

These trackers use GPS technology to locate themselves causing them to have a battery life of a few years depending on the location update schedule. 

What Other GPS Tracking Options Exist?

Sticker tracking isn’t your only option for commercial asset tracking. It may not even be your best option. Sticker tracking was created with consumers in mind so executing it at a commercial level may cause the system to not work properly.

AirFinder Everywhere is an indoor and outdoor GPS tracking solution created for businesses. Scalability is an important factor to consider when choosing a tracker, and AirFinder can be used by large companies since it was designed to. AirFinder uses more than just GPS technology to cut costs. The combination of GPS, cellular, and the AirFinder Network improves battery life and ultimately the reliability of the solution. 

Why Bother Using a GPS Tracker?

GPS trackers help companies solve a variety of problems. Some companies use them to optimize supply chains, others use them to track their pallets to ensure on-time delivery.

When using AirFinder, you have the option to set up geofences. A company used geofences to help them address a problem they were facing with their pallets going missing. They were spending a lot of time searching for these missing pallets and money for their replacements. Through AirFinder, they found out their pallets were accidentally being sent to recycling plants to be recycled. They were able to prevent the recycling of their pallets by setting up geofences around the nearby recycling plants so they could be alerted when their pallet was near the facility. Being notified allowed them to call the recycling company to explain the situation and get them back.

Which GPS Tracking Device is the Right Choice?

RTLS solutions are designed to provide location and condition information in real-time. While some tags may be larger than stickers, more benefits come with the use of such tags. Sticker tracking may seem like the simple solution to your problem, but it wasn’t built for commercial asset tracking.

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