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2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Ideas for Seniors

2022 Holiday Gift Guide: Ideas for Seniors

Millions of older Americans are coping with higher prices amid inflation. Even with a bump in income from Social Security designed to help with the higher cost of living, some seniors may still be having an especially hard time keeping up.

With the holidays fast approaching, here are some gift ideas for seniors on a budget that you can buy online right now.

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Holiday gift ideas for seniors

Medical Alert Systems

Medical alert systems can help people in the event of an emergency and even save a life. They help connect people with an emergency contact or an ambulance. This can be particularly important for seniors in the event of a fall or even with the onset of confusion that can come with dementia.

There are many kinds of alert systems that fit many different lifestyles. A person that lives alone and has mobility issues, for example, may benefit from a different kind of alert than people who enjoy an active lifestyle. 

The cost of a medical alert system varies based on functionality and system, but they usually cost around $20-$30 per month. That doesn’t include the one-time equipment charge, which can be a few hundred dollars. 

Over-the-counter hearing aids

More than 37 million American adults have a form of hearing loss, according to the National Institutes of Health. That can also lead to other problems, including depression, social isolation and even dementia, researchers have found.

Recent changes in federal guidelines have made it easier and cheaper to buy hearing aids over the counter without a prescription. Whereas as a pair of prescription devices normally sold for thousands of dollars, they can now be secured for a few hundred dollars via a variety of providers.

If the senior in your life is in the market for a hearing aid, it pays to learn about the available options. Find a cost-effective and reliable device today.

Walk-in tubs

If seniors have mobility issues or other concerns about showers or standard tubs, then a walk-in tub may be a very helpful gift. 

A walk-in tub is equipped with a watertight door, allowing people to walk right into the tub and sit with ease. The price varies based on features, type and installation requirements. 

These types of tubs may range from $2,000 for a basic version to $20,000 for a luxury, spa-like tub with a variety of special features.

You can get $1,500 off a walk-in tub – and a free online price quote – by visiting Kohler now. 

Home security and monitoring systems

Most home security systems these days are wireless and can be controlled using a smartphone from anyplace.

Seniors may appreciate a home security system because it can protect their home, help deter burglaries and cut insurance costs. Systems can also feature remote monitoring, including gas or fire system alerts.

That can mean remote controls for thermostats, keyless door locks and other smart devices. Some systems have the ability to alert emergency services like the fire department, too.

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The bottom line

There are a variety of gift ideas for seniors to consider this season.  It’s smart to talk with your intended gift recipient first to find out if any of these products will be useful or if the senior you have in mind was already considering a particular product or brand. 

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