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Smart Shoes: A New Innovation in GPS Tracking

Smart Shoes: A New Innovation in GPS Tracking

In this technologically advanced world, you can measure just about anything related to physical activity. Developers in this new era have invented smart shoes to make your hiking, running, and other outdoor adventures safe and easy. With smart shoes, you can measure athletic performance, track fitness and also evaluate health metrics. One of the important purposes of smart shoes is that they can provide you with personalized feedback. The goal is to incorporate smart technology into traditional shoes. One of the most valuable features of smart shoes is the fact that you can connect them to mobile apps, and use GPS tracking that way.

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Innovative Ideas in GPS-Tracking Shoes


The famous shoe company, Digitsole, recently launched smart shoes fit for everyone.

These convertible smart shoes provide personalized feedback, where you can get detailed information about your health, steps, calories, etc. By receiving health analytic reports, the goal is that you can improve your health, prevent injuries, and so on.

You can easily connect with a Bluetooth 4.0 device and provide a personalized coaching system via a smartphone application. This lightweight next-generation shoe also has the ability to boost the speed of auto-lacing and to measure the temperature.

Under Armour

The famous shoe brand Under Armour has recently released its smart shoes. This company’s smart shoes have in-built sensors to record the distance run/traveled. These shoes have incorporated technology where you can measure your walking pace, steps, distance, and stride.

The shoes have a chip that can be easily synced with the mobile phone application Map My Run. It is able to connect with both operating systems like Android and iOS phones.

It has the quality of feeling zero gravity and also has a great energy system to run with these excellent smart shoes. The comfort and cushioning properties of these smart shoes are awesome.

4. Xiaomi

Another big player in the market is Xiaomi, which has recently launched smart shoes developed with a chip-laden system. These shoes are easily connected with Xiaomi’s MiFit application. In this case, you can easily detect activities such as the unit of burned calories, speed, hours slept, and weight.

5. Altra Torin IQ

The Altra Torin IQ’s smart shoes are great for your feet. The lightweight and razor-thin sensors are able to provide data and information about each foot individually. Apart from that, these smart shoes provide live coaching feedback, landing zone, effective rate, contact time, and so on.

The coaching data can be made audible depending on the user’s preference. Altra IQ shoes also communicate directly with the company’s own iFit software application on smartphone devices.

Therefore if you want to keep your coaching records or, later, if you wish to analyze them, then these shoes will allow you to do this.

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