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Expert Tips to Secure Your Home During 2022 Holiday Travel

Expert Tips to Secure Your Home During 2022 Holiday Travel

Keep your home secure with these expert tips:

When the winter months come rolling in, many families pack their bags for extended getaways. The holidays are an exciting time when many visit loved ones and take off for much anticipated destinations. But, what about leaving your home unoccupied? Many Americans feel uneasy about leaving their home unattended, especially around the holidays. Since crime rates tend to spike around this time period, it’s crucial to understand how to properly protect your home before hitting the road. 

Follow along to read our favorite home security tips compiled from experts across the nation! 

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Refrain from posting on social media

Social media is now a common component of many people’s daily life. But security experts agree that sharing trip information online while on vacation is a catalyst for crime. These posts signal that your home will be vacant. It’s proven that burglars take note of social media interactions when planning to commit a crime. If a burglar feels they can easily gain unauthorized access to your home, a vacation post may they all they need to plan an attempt. 

Wait until you get home safely before posting, and refrain from social media posts and comments throughout your trip. According to experts, social media behavior plays a significant role in Christmas break-ins. This is an easy strategy to avoid an unpleasant circumstance.

Maintain your yard and driveway

While you’re away, there are a few easy measures you can take to give potential criminals the illusion your home is occupied. Make sure the lawn is routinely moved. It appears that property owners are gone when a property is overgrown or neglected. It’s proven that potential burglars can think twice about breaking into homes that are well maintained. They tend to seek out homes that have overgrown or neglected properties.

Live in a snowy region? Criminals will be able to tell the house is empty if you leave your driveway covered in snow while you’re away during the holidays. Hire a snow removal service to keep your driveway clear so that things are simpler when you return, in addition to keeping your home more secure.

Leave your vehicle parked in the driveway

Leaving a car in the driveway is a cheap and simple approach to make your house look occupied. Leaving your car in the driveway while you are away is a tried-and-true approach to discourage crime since it provides the idea that your family is home. It can be worth it to ask your neighbor to keep their car in your driveway if you plan to use your car for holiday vacation.

Enlist neighbors

If you have neighbors close by, asking them to keep an eye on things or to drop in every few days is a great way to keep your mind at ease while enjoying your vacation. Your neighbors can check back doors, windows, and will be able to alert you to anything questionable happening on your property. It can also be helpful to give neighbors access to a spare key if they need to tend to anything inside the home or give things a closer inspection.

Go high-tech

In today’s world, we have a plethora of options to secure our home, even while on a budget. Add security cameras inside and out, even if they’re dummies. Install automatic outdoor lights to ward off anyone passing through your property. Inside the home, try installing smart lights you can control from your phone. While you’re away, you’ll be able to turn lights on and off, giving the illusion that you’re at home. Another popular tech option is to utilize a video doorbell. You can access live video footage right from your phone, and be alerted whenever someone comes to your door. 

Set up a “vacation watch”

If you live in a smaller community, your local police district might be willing to set up a vacation watch while you’re out of town. It can be worthwhile to let local authorities know about your extended travel, so they can keep an eye on your home during their regular patrols. While large cities with higher crime rates may not offer this convenient solution, smaller districts are often happy to check in on your property once in awhile, should you give them your travel dates. This step can help give extra peace of mind that your home will be under surveillance. 

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