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6 Tips for Entrepreneurs Using Social Audio

6 Tips for Entrepreneurs Using Social Audio

Social audio has changed the trajectory of business. This audacious statement is predicated on the one year I spent exploring this “newish” platform. Social Audio can be likened to the throwback days of party lines and conference calls as it creates audio space for like-minded people looking for support, knowledge and networks. Clubhouse, the preeminent social audio app, may be a foreign concept to many, yet millions of people are flocking to this exploratory adventure in listening and learning. Social Audio is creating intimate spaces of phronetic brilliance and the ability to network like no other place in the world.

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What is social audio?

Social audio differs from social media because it is a voice-only app. No filtered pictures, fancy short videos or eye-inducing promotions. Social media, Fireside, Twitter Spaces, and the newest addition to the social audio family, Breakout, are changing how people connect and network. Social audio provides real-time audio that allows listeners to participate in the dialog actively. Social audio offers a rich context to have conversations and connect on a deeper level.

During my months exploring social audio apps, I sat at the feet of iconic human beings I felt connected with at a deep level. I met Dr. Laura Berman. Dr. Berman is an icon in relationships, sex and human behavior. Thanks to social audio, Berman graced not only Oprah’s stage but mine. I formed a relationship with her that spanned several podcast episodes and intimate conversations.

The celebrities poured into this app with casual bravado. For example, I was placed on stage next to real estate legends Grant Cardone and former reality tv host Cindy Stumpo. Cindy Stumpo arguably is the icon of females who survived and thrived in the male-dominated construction industry. Stumpo speaks not only about her experiences as a thought leader but also about her journey of tempering a proclivity with anxiety while rising to stardom.

Warning: Social audio is addicting.

Dopamine is released when you log onto this unassuming app and gain followers, authentic connections and dynamic partnerships. The rush of contact leads to wanting more of the good stuff. The good stuff is the ability to network instantly and curate a new demographic of clientele.

Yet, a negative aspect of this robust platform is ebbing into societal consciousness. The dark underbelly of the social audio craze can lead to lost hours with no substantial reward. The fettered path of creating a presence on social audio can be a space of predatory practices and engaging with individuals who are not who they seem to portray. A cautious eye and steady cadence are the underpinnings for success.

I toggled around this easy-to-use app in the early days and was transfixed. In hindsight, I found myself deliriously wasting hours listening to other people’s pitches and performances. This moment of self-reflection was the inspiration to make a six-part strategic business plan to boost my brand‘s visibility.

1. Do not be “sales-y”

The first rule of being a remarkable speaker on social audio (and in business) is that no one likes to be sold. Joining a social audio community reinforces the business basics of understanding your brand and being able to articulate your brand to an audience. Offering value to your audience on social audio is the secret weapon in piquing the interest of potential clients.

2. Understand your value

Your value proposition is a statement you can articulate that will connect with a client or customer interested in purchasing your service or product. Dig deep into your reservoir of experiences, and curate a story that compels your audience to learn more.

3. Be judicious about who you share space with

Most importantly, do your due diligence. While the positives outweigh the negatives on social audio, there is a dark underbelly of participants who do not engage with best practices. Everybody is not who they say they are, and your responsibility is to investigate with due diligence. As a facilitator of safe spaces, I have access to several stories of deceit. These vignettes unraveled with allegations of lost funds and minimal services.

4. Be conscience of your reputation

Understand that in every conversation you have, you must conduct yourself in alignment with your business’s core values. It is easy to get swept away by casual conversations, silly behaviors, and unsavory alliances. The powerful social audio platform can detract from your reputation if you are not intentional in the words you speak.

5. Understand your funnel

The funnel is an overused word that often exudes cringe-worthy content. A funnel in sales can be the most powerful tool in your arsenal if used correctly. When you speak on social audio, you must have a plan to entice interest in who you are and what you offer. This organic funnel will naturally lead to inquisitive conversations. Ensure you understand where you are leading your audience.

6. Network

I liken social audio to Linkedin on steroids. Social audio accelerates the networking process and allows instant access to like-minded professionals. The key to networking on these apps is to take the conversation off social audio and meet in person. Greater connections and viability rests in the space of connecting in person or on Zoom. Building a relationship of knowing, liking, and trusting is the key to unlocking longstanding connections.

Social audio is expanding at an exponential rate. Competition is fierce yet propelling new innovators to compete. The Breakout App is one of the newest and freshest experiences on social audio allowing content creators to monetize. However, every big name in the metaverse is jumping on the social audio bandwagon like Linkedin and Facebook. The delicious possibilities of social audio are endless. As an entrepreneur, building your presence is a marketing plan you cannot ignore.

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