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Reputable & Recommended Security Camera Companies

Since the advent of technology, the concept of privacy and using video surveillance have become a controversial topic. Nevertheless, the value of surveillance in businesses or properties must be considered based on society’s needs. It is crucial to ensure the general safety of your assets and the people, particularly if you run a small or medium-sized business. Here are some trusted security brands to consider.

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Hikvision is a Chinese brand and one of the best CCTV producers, which exports security cameras to over 100 countries and has many cctv store in some of those countries.

Hikvision produces a vast range of CCTV, security cameras and equipment, such as HD analog cameras, IP cameras, analytics and management software, alarm systems, and other assistive surveillance equipment. During the last 19 years, Hikvision has managed to take over a large part of the world security market.

Hikvision, With more than 13,000 human resources as cctv installers etc. and 4,000 people in the research and development department, has become one of the largest CCTV producer teams. This company has always sought to develop its products through innovation and creativity, as well as creating sustainable value. This company has direct sales offices in various parts of the world, including America, Holland, Italy, Russia, Hong Kong, Dubai, Iran, etc. Hikvision started its activity in 2001 and has always been one of the five best-selling brands in the world. According to the report of ASMAG magazine, in 2018, Hikvision took first place in the sale of CCTV cameras in the world. Therefore, Hikvision is not only a popular brand but also one of the best-selling brands of CCTV cameras.

As an additional commitment to its customers, Hikvision reinvests 7% of its revenue annually in research and development to continue product innovation and improvement.

Dahua Technology

Dahua is a Chinese company and one of the leading brands in the world that supplies high-tech systems and video surveillance services to various areas, including the government, construction, retail, vital infrastructure, and public safety. The company operates in 180 countries and has served significant clients with security equipment and solutions, including the Rio Olympics. Dahua cameras use advanced technologies that ensure the highest level of security and provide a wide range of security camera models, such as full body cameras, Dome surveillance cameras, Bullet surveillance cameras and PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) surveillance cameras. In addition to exclusive CCTV installation services , Dahua is famous for its PTZ cameras which can be controlled remotely to move up, down, left, right, and zoom in and out. Usually, most advanced security systems have high maintenance and complicated instructions; however, Dahua cameras are generally designed to keep low maintenance compared to the other brands.

Axis Communication

Axis Communication is a Swedish company founded in 1984. It has offices in 50 countries and employs more than 3,600 people. Besides, Axis communication has been part of the Canon group since 2015. The company played a pivotal role in transitioning from CCTV analog security camera systems to IP (Internet Protocole) Network-based security camera systems. The brand was the first to offer HDTV security cameras, and over the past ten years, they have worked to further develop their IP Network security camera technologies. In addition to scalability and easy integration, the brand provides a broad range of video surveillance solutions, including network cameras, access control, network intercom, network audio, analytics, and other features.

Axis offers a wide selection of products with high quality. These products are designed for both small and large locations. Here are the top best security cameras on the market manufactured by Axis:

Axis Explosion Protected Cameras

Axis Thermal Cameras

Axis Panoramic Cameras

Axis Fixed Bullet Camera

Axis Fixed Box Cameras

Axis Fixed Dome Cameras

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South Korea began manufacturing under the Samsung brand in 1977 through Samsung Techwin, which was exclusively dedicated to producing aircraft engines. But after some time, this company began to produce other products based on modern technology; Among these products, we should mention CCTV cameras. This company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of this product with continuous progress in the field of CCTV cameras, which also owns a significant part of our country’s (Iran) market.

Samsung CCTV cameras are considered expensive cameras. However, this means something other than high price and low quality. And if you don’t have a limit in your budget, buying a SAMSUNG CCTV camera can be a great choice.

Wireless cameras are cameras that have minimized the presence of cables in surveillance systems. This type of camera has a memory card to store and transfer images through Wi-Fi and wireless technologies. In some of their models, there is a two-way conversation capability. Intelligent features of Samsung wireless cameras include motion detection, sound detection, and the ability to send messages and alarms on mobile phones.


According to the different needs of users, Panasonic offers different types of digital and analog network CCTV products.

By providing different and up-to-date security solutions, Panasonic is constantly trying to provide its products with the latest and most inventive technologies in the world so that customers can benefit from their surveillance security systems.

Panasonic’s years of experience have shown that the slogans of this organization are all true. On the other hand, Panasonic has always been known as a brand that supports its customers. Panasonic CCTV cameras are of the network (IP) type, which has countless advantages over analog cameras, including economic efficiency and reduced cabling costs, offering high-resolution images and the possibility of better quality digital zoom, and choosing and setting different resolutions.


Finding the best security camera company that is a perfect fit for your business and your house takes some effort. Still, the more research you do before purchasing one, the more likely you will be satisfied when the camera works for you. So keep in mind to choose the one that applies to your needs the most.


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