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Smart Homes: Invest Now to Save Later

Smart Homes: Invest Now to Save Later

A smart home is an investment in yourself and your future. Sure, the initial costs may sound a little steep, but think about what you’ll gain and save in the long run. Greater control over your home means more control over your energy usage – you’ll have the power to monitor and adjust home settings easily including, heating, electricity and lighting, air quality and so much more all at the click of a button, or perhaps with voice control, whichever you fancy!

We can confidently say that in future when looking back at the early stages of your project you’ll thank yourself and for making your life not just easier, but better.

A common misconception we hear regularly is the idea that a smart home is focused almost solely on making your house look aesthetically pleasing whilst increasing and enhancing functionality. Though that’s a plus and no one likes the idea of a cluttered house, there’s so much more value being added. We’ll breakdown for you just how beneficial having a smart home is.

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Decrease the cost of utilities in your home

Energy prices in the UK have seen a colossal jump over the past year, with gas and electricity prices potentially increasing by more than 50%. Research conducted by Loxone, has shown that smart home users can save at least 25% in the first year alone!

With a few key commands your home will work for you to save on expenses. You’ll have the ability to set usage limits so you don’t overspend, or you can include smart bulbs and sensors that will automatically switch on or off or can adjust based on your set preferences.

A safer environment for you and your loved ones

Linked properties

Do you have someone vulnerable in your care? Or just someone you are concerned about being alone? Thanks to smart technology we are able to set up triggered alerts across homes! This means an action that takes place in a separate property can still trigger a response in your home.

Here’s a simple scenario, one that most, if not all of you, will understand or relate to. Imagine you have an elderly family member who lives alone but sometimes struggles to get around. There’s that constant worry that something will go wrong the moment you leave them alone. You no longer have to rely on frequent and or lengthy trips to check in on your loved ones. You can set up audio visual software that can be accessed from anywhere in the world so you can keep an eye on your loved one and even communicate with themselves, or any visitors who show up at the door – maybe a delivery driver with your care package.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Your family member’s house can have motion detectors installed which can detect any slips and trips which will trigger a set of actions:

  1. Calling emergency services if no action is taken against the triggered responses
  2. Audio and visual alarms, flashing lights and alarm sounds
  3. Auto alert to your home or even mobile device

A more secure home

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are and to have the home of your dreams and it would be a complete and utter shame for any ‘unwanted guests’ to invade your personal space and take or break your belongings. What if you could prevent that?

You can make it so that at the click of a button all entrances to your home are remote deadlocked. This includes any doors and windows. Shake that feeling of paranoia when heading out the door by checking the status on your phone.

Planning a trip away from home? Using your smart app you can activate a holiday mode setting which will activate set timed actions to simulate someone being home; lights can be switched on in in different rooms throughout the day, pre-recorded audio of your choice can be played as a deterrent – maybe the sound of a pack of guard dogs? They’ll think twice before trespassing!

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