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How to Winterize Your CCTV System

How to Winterize Your CCTV System

As winter approaches, it’s important to prepare your home CCTV system for the elements. The cold wind, rain, ice and snow can cause huge issues for a security camera, meaning you might be leaving your home or workplace unprotected.

CCTV is essential around your entry points in the home. It helps to deter potential burglars and also records any suspicious activity to help you catch criminals if the worst does happen.

However, the winter weather can leave your CCTV damaged and, in some cases, irreparable, so it’s important to prepare your equipment ahead of time to ensure it sees you through the winter.

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How Does Bad Weather Affect CCTV Performance?

Winter comes with a whole host of weather-related challenges when it comes to home CCTV. If you experience windy weather and your camera sits slightly away from your house, then it could be in danger of being blown away.

Items that are blown into the camera’s path could also obscure the vision, leaving your camera useless. Snow or rain can also cause the lens on your cameras to steam or become foggy, meaning you miss anything being recorded.

In extreme cold temperatures, your camera could even freeze with the rain, which may crack the lens, meaning you would have to replace the whole camera.

Tips to Winterize Your System

To adequately prepare your home CCTV for winter, here are a few important tips to follow:

Trim Overgrown Foliage

If your home CCTV is next to large trees or bushes, there’s a chance that leaves and debris could blow off the tree and hit your camera. This could cause the camera to break or could scratch the lens.

To avoid this, you should trim any nearby foliage back so that no branches are in easy reach of the camera itself.

Remove Any Loose Debris

Make sure you wipe down your security camera to remove any loose debris that has fallen onto it. This will keep the camera in working order and will mean that the wind doesn’t cause debris to shift and obscure the lens.

Check Your Cameras

It’s good practice year-round to test your cameras and ensure they are in good working order. This means checking the footage and making sure that the area where your CCTV faces is adequately lit to capture any activity. Remember, it will be darker for much longer in winter, so you may need to attach lights to your property to illuminate anyone that may be trying to sneak in.

Repair Any Fencing And Secure Your Property

To avoid inviting potential burglars into your property, make sure you repair any fences and gates to your property before the winter starts. Burglars are experts at selecting weaker entry points, so you should visit the whole perimeter of your property and make repairs while you still have the good weather.

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