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How to choose a smart watch for all ages – GPS, Fitness Tracking, & More

How to choose a smart watch for all ages - GPS, Fitness Tracking, & More

Did you know that smart watches aren’t just for young adults, the tech-savvy or the super athletic? Smart watches now come with so many different functions, features and price ranges, that there’s a device suitable for everyone. It’s easier than you think to find the perfect smart watch for kids or pick a suitable smart watch for senior citizens.

So how do you know what’s the best smart watch for any age?

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How to choose a smart watch for kids

Buying a smart watch is a great way to encourage kids to stay active and to introduce them to their first gadget. However, you may have some doubts about buying a kid’s smart watch, for example- safety concerns.

Are smart watches safe for kids?

Yes, smart watches can be safe for kids. You should buy a smart watch made specifically for children to be sure of this. These smart watches are designed to be age-appropriate and do not include all the same features as adult or senior smart watches.

Some kids’ smart watches have GPS features so that you can keep an eye on your child’s location, even when they’re not with you. If you don’t want to use GPS tracking, you can turn this feature off from the watch’s settings menu, or find a smart watch that doesn’t have a GPS chip. GPS tracking makes it easier to keep tabs on your child’s whereabouts.

Similar to GPS tracking, you can also set safety boundaries for your child. That way, if they move beyond a set safety zone, you will be notified immediately. This feature needs a GPS chip that’s turned on to work.

Many kids’ smart watches also offer SOS functions. In an emergency, or if your child feels uncertain or unsafe, they can activate the SOS feature on their smart watch. This will immediately alert you (or any contact you choose when setting up the watch) to say that your child needs your help.

What features do kids’ smart watches have?

There is a wide variety of features available across different kids’ smart watches. To help you choose the right device, it’s worth considering which functions you want your child to have access to.

Benefits of buying a kid’s smart watch

Aside from the obvious joy your child may experience from owning a smart watch, there are several benefits of buying a smart watch for kids:

Encourage good habits: From setting reminders of chores to tracking activity, smart watches for kids can help encourage good habits and an active lifestyle.

Contact your child without a smartphone: Buying your child a smart watch is a good compromise if you’re not ready for them to own their own smartphone yet. Instead, you can stay in touch via call and messaging functions on their smart watch.

Keep track of your child: Many kids’ smart watches offer GPS tracking, meaning you can keep an eye on their whereabouts for peace of mind.

SOS features provide safety: Kids can activate the SOS function of their smart watch to alert a parent or guardian of any worry or safety concern they may have.

There are plenty of smart watches for kids that have a variety of functions and are suitable for all ages.

How to choose a smart watch for teenagers

The right smart watch for a teenager won’t be the same as the right smart watch for a younger child. Where safety features and accessibility is a big factor for choosing the right kids’ smart watch, teenagers are more likely to be interested in the look of the watch itself, along with available social media and fitness functions.

When teenagers are gaining more independence in their lives, it’s important as a parent to keep an eye on their location as much as possible. You can do this with the GPS tracking feature in many smart watches.

How to choose a smart watch for adults

Adults have the widest choice of suitable smart watches to buy. Choosing a smart watch for an adult mainly depends on which benefits you wish to gain from your device.

The benefits of a smart watch for adults

When you’re choosing a smart watch for yourself or another adult, you want to consider what you’ll use the device for. Are you interested in improving your health, fitness or losing weight? Do you want to extend your smartphone features? Or are you looking for a watch that means you don’t need to carry your smartphone with you for all activities?

You can learn more about these features by reading our blog about essential smart watch features. Once you are clear on which benefits you want from your smart watch, you’ll be able to narrow down your search when shopping online.

How to choose between a fitness band and a smart watch

At first glance, fitness bands and smart watches appear very similar. Both can offer fitness tracking, heart rate monitoring and simple notifications. But despite these overlaps, there are a few notable differences worth considering:

How to choose a smart watches for seniors

As we’ve mentioned before, smart watches aren’t just about fitness tracking and social media compatibility. There are plenty of suitable smart watches for seniors that offer a variety of useful functions for the older generation.

Even though there isn’t a dedicated smart watch design for seniors, as there is with smart watches for kids, you can still choose the perfect device for the older generation. It’s just a matter of understanding the appropriate features.

Suitable features on smart watches for seniors

When it comes to purchasing a smart watch for a senior citizen, it’s not just about what the device can do (like the appealing features of kids’ watches) but how it can help manage an elderly person’s lifestyle.

The most useful functions on smart watches for seniors are ones that offer accessibility, emergency support and are easy to use. If deteriorating eyesight is an issue for them, you’ll want to ensure that their smart watch supports large format text. Dexterity can also be an issue, so easy to access buttons and structure is a must when choosing a smart watch for a senior person.

How to choose a smart watch for any age

The bottom line for choosing the right smart watch for seniors, kids, teenagers or adults is to consider the features you need. Kid’s smart watches come in fun designs and colors and offer functions (including safety features) that are child-friendly.

Choosing the right smart watch for teenagers takes a bit more thought, but generally speaking, if the device offers social media, music and activity features, you’re on the right track.

Finding the right smart watch for an adult depends on the individual’s requirements, whether that’s fitness or health related, having smartphone compatibility or being able to pay for goods via contactless smart watch functions.

Finally, choosing the right smart watch for seniors is mainly dependent on accessibility features. Smart watches that have easy-to-use screens, buttons and voice commands are often the best choice.

If you’re still not sure exactly which model to buy and want a little more advice, you can read our smart watches buying guide.

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