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GPS Navigation Apps for When You’re Offline

GPS Navigation Apps for When You're Offline

Having offline GPS navigation apps you can use even when you’re offline is a lifesaver. It’s always better to travel prepared, especially if you’re going somewhere you’re not familiar with or somewhere without a signal. That’s where offline GPS navigation apps come into play.

There’s an abundance of offline GPS navigation apps you can use whenever you’re driving or walking around the streets of an unfamiliar place. Most of these maps require internet or mobile data, but what if you’re stuck in a place without a signal? What if you made a wrong turn and got lost somewhere and your online navigation app doesn’t work? To save yourself from situations like these, you’d need something that still works offline.

You can rely on offline GPS navigation apps wherever and whenever you need them. They preload maps and important data to guide you in your travels, even when the signal is weak or there’s no internet connection at all.

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Offline GPS navigation apps for when you are in the middle of nowhere

1. Google Maps

Google Maps Logo

You don’t have to go far. Use offline GPS navigation apps that are already downloaded on your Android device. A lot of people think that Google Maps only works online, but that’s a common misconception. With just a few clicks – you can – in fact, download maps that you can access and navigate offline.

Google Maps has over 220 countries mapped. It features GPS navigation, transit info, detailed route information, turn-by-turn direction, multiple view options, traffic updates, and locations of millions of businesses and places. It does not only give you directions, but It also helps you check out nearby business establishments. It’s everything you need in a navigation app – for free.

Offline Features:

  • Offline maps to search and navigate
  • Street View and indoor maps for shops, restaurants, airports and more
  • Over 220 territories and countries mapped out


MAPS.ME logo

Are there offline GPS navigation apps with both online and offline features in mind? Yes, that would be MAPS.ME. Trusted by over 100 million users across the globe, this app remains as one of the best GPS navigation apps out there.

It features a comprehensive and detailed offline mapping database. With turn-by-turn navigation, it’s very helpful when you’re driving, cycling, or walking in any part of the world where there isn’t any internet connection.

Not only is it fast and reliable, but it’s also up-to-date. Millions of contributors from OpenStreetMap update the maps daily. And all the maps and features are completely free.

Offline Features:

  • Incredibly detailed directions to points of interests
  • Features hiking trails and places that are missing from other map apps
  • Fast and reliable offline search with optimized maps great for navigation
  • Save locations and share them

3. MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps

MapFactor GPS logo

MapFactor is one of the best-rated offline GPS navigation apps on Google Play. In fact, it’s intended and designed for offline use. With this app, you can navigate offline in more than 200 countries. The maps are detailed and updated since they come directly from OpenStreetMaps.

The turn-by-turn navigation feature of this app comes in various language. It even features speed limits and camera warnings, door-to-door route planning, realistic offline maps with postcodes, and many more.

Offline Features:

  • 2D/3D realistic visual offline maps display
  • Intuitive voice navigation in different languages
  • Route planning and avoidance
  • On-screen overview of maneuver and distance

4. Waze

Waze logo

Waze is a driver’s best friend. While it’s more famous for its online and real-time features, it also has offline functions that drivers and travelers can enjoy. The app is known for helping people avoid traffic and tells them about crashes, police, construction, and miscellaneous road problems.

But with just a few steps, you can use this app even when you’re offline. You can store certain routes and destinations and store the data in the app’s cache memory. The problem with this is that there’s no built-in map downloading feature, which means that you must be careful not to close the app if you want to use it offline later.

Offline Features:

  • Stores routes and destinations in the app’s cache memory
  • Great for avoiding busy streets and traffic
  • Faster travel time and quicker routes

5. Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps

Sygic GPS Navigation logo

Using this app, you can navigate anywhere, anytime, even without an internet connection. Sygic GPS Navigation is considered as the most-downloaded navigation app. With more than 200 million users, this app features offline 3D maps which you can store in your phone for offline GPS navigation.

The offline maps are provided by TomTom (GPS satellite) and others. They are updated for free several times a year. Similar to Waze, the voice navigation system tells drivers street names and precise directions. It also has a pedestrian GPS navigation for tourists who are looking for directions or tourist attractions.

It’s free, but you’re limited to its basic features. If you want to fully enjoy all its features, then you’ll have to pay a premium.

Offline Features:

  • Offline maps from all countries
  • Voice-guided navigation and millions of points of interest (POI)
  • Pedestrian GPS navigation
  • Avoid traffic jams
  • Advanced safety features

6. WeGo

HERE WeGo logo

Another offline GPS navigation app to try is HERE WeGo. Specifically designed for offline navigation, this app is definitely one of the best GPS navigation apps you can download for free. It not only gives you offline maps; but it also gives you directions, best departure time, carsharing prices, transit tickets, and essential information you need when you travel from one place to another.

HERE WeGo is designed to help people travel with less hassle. Whether you’re driving your car, walking, cycling, or taking public transit, you’ll find this app helpful – especially if you don’t have mobile data or WiFi. The downside is that it only has offline maps of more than 100 countries.

Offline Features:

  • Download maps to use offline
  • Free navigation which allows you to compare ways to get to your destination
  • Public transport options
  • Turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation

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