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Should You Add Audio to Your Video Surveillance System?

Should You Add Audio to Your Video Surveillance System?

If you have a conventional video surveillance system without audio for your business, you could be missing a crucial part of your security to support video analytics, improve safety, and enhance monitoring—audio.

Many contemporary surveillance cameras already have microphones built into them, so you can simply enable this technology. If not, updating your cameras to those with audio capabilities is relatively straightforward.

While images certainly provide valuable insight, they don’t always provide the necessary context to keep your property safe. Adding audio to your surveillance system adds another layer of security and can benefit your monitoring solutions. Here’s how.

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Improve Situational Awareness with Audio

Surveillance images aren’t without their limitations. Although surveillance combined with intelligent video analytics can help detect events and issue alerts, these cameras can have blind spots and don’t account for sound.

By adding audio to your video surveillance, you can more easily detect events and have more accurate evidence for forensics investigations. Essentially, you can extend the capabilities and benefits of your existing cameras without the need for additional lighting .

Audio empowers businesses to improve surveillance accuracy, situational awareness, and security by capturing and analyzing sound in real-time.

Enhance Intelligent Video Analytics

If you have intelligent video analytics for your surveillance cameras, you know the benefits this software offers. However, when you add audio to your video surveillance cameras, you enhance the benefits you already receive from analytics.

Audio analytics can detect sounds that could indicate a crisis, such as breaking glass, raised voices, and gunshots. These audio capabilities can improve surveillance analytics and allow security teams to respond immediately and proactively.

By issuing alerts in real-time of potentially dangerous situations, businesses have the power to potentially stop an incident or disaster before it occurs .

Send Out Alerts or Diffuse Events With Live Speaking and Two-Way Audio

Audio capabilities for your video cameras have an additional benefit—they allow your security team to send out prerecorded alerts and even help diffuse a crisis with live speaking.

Since audio has two-way capabilities, meaning you can both receive sound and issue it, you can: 

  • Speak to people
  • Play a recording
  • Alert people to an intruder on the premises
  • Stop a theft
  • Prevent vandalism
  • Deescalate a tense situation

Having audio to remotely interact with individuals in real-time allows security to act quickly to deescalate a situation and increases safety, as they won’t have to physically approach a trespasser or violent offender.

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