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Telephone Monitoring (Spy On A Cell Phone)

Spy On A Cell Phone

There are many considerations when monitoring telephone calls. First of all as I said earlier this could be illegal depending on where you live. Please remember to seek legal advice before using these or any of the surveillance techniques listed in this book.

Text messages

Many people having an affair will communicate through SMS text messaging on cell phones, being sure to delete all sent and received messages.

In this situation there is a great product called –FlexiSPY. It will silently record text message and call information of your partner. This stealth program installs on smartphones including Iphone and Android phones. This hidden spy tool then records each SMS and logs every call including phone numbers with durations. View real time results in your private online account.

This high tech software/service allows you to monitor the phone in real time and will install on almost any smartphone.

Listening In on a cell phone

If you want to listen to cell phone conversations, like with text messages, like with text messages, check out FlexiSPY. It has features that allow you to listen in on phone calls, record phone calls, and even listen to the surroundings of the phone by turning on the microphone so that you can hear what is going on around the phone. Check it out here.

Another Alternative

A less expensive alternative could be to use a digital voice recorder to hear one side of the conversation.

Many people that are having an affair will talk on the phone while driving to and from work, driving to the store or any chance they may have to talk to their lover in private.

The solution? Place a voice activated digital recorder in the car. You will only hear one side of the conversation, but that is usually enough.

These devices will stay in “sleep mode” until it hears noise, When it hears noise it will start recording and go back into sleep mode when it is quiet again. They are also very small and compact for easy concealment.

Make sure that the recorder that you purchase has the proper attachments and is voice activated. Most of the digital recorders that you can purchase at the national retail stores come with very little in the way of accessories. You may need an external microphone depending on where you want hide it. To see some digital recorders that come with all of the accessories that you will need click here.

Common places to hide a recorder in a vehicle

Under the dashboard of the vehicle.

Under the seat.

In the trunk, with the external microphone in the passenger compartment on the vehicle.

In the storage area on the back of the front seats (be very careful when hiding it here. Make sure your partner does not have anything stored there already that he/she may be looking for.).

Be sure that the recorder is secure wherever you put it. The last thing that you want is for the recorder to come tumbling out onto the floor.

One of the best methods for securing the recorder is to use Velcro. Velcro also makes it quick and easy to take the device in and out of the vehicle.

Wherever you hide the recorder make sure that you do a test to make sure that it is working properly in that location. Depending on the make and model of the vehicle road noise can be a real problem. You want to be sure that you can make out voices over any road noise. Be sure that the recorder that you get has a microphone sensitivity adjustment. This adjustment will allow many different conditions.

Bugging Land line telephones

Unlike cell phones most land line phones are easy to monitor. The voice activated recorders are the easiest way to monitor conversations. Again, Make sure that you get a recorder with the proper attachments. Click here to see recorders that come with everything that you will need.

You will simply plug an adapter into any phone jack that is on the same line as the phone you want to monitor. When the phone is in use the recorder will record conversations and when it is not it will go into sleep mode.

A few things to consider when using this method are microphone sensitivity and battery life.

Some lines will have static on the line even when not in use. This will cause the recorder to record even when there are no voices present. Adjusting the microphone sensitivity can solve this problem. Again, be sure to test for proper operation after connecting to the phone line.

Battery life is also another consideration. Most recorders will record between eight and twenty hours on a single set of batteries. You can also get a recorder that comes with an A/C adapter allowing you to plug it into the wall so that battery life is not an issue.

Voice activated digital recorders that come with the proper attachments will come with detailed instructions on how to connect to phone lines.

Monitoring phone activity

If you want to know all of the phone activity such as incoming and out going call information try the Phone Manager Plus.

Do you suspect your partner of using the land line phone to call his/ her lover? If they are, you can easily find out what phone numbers they are dialing with the Phone Manager Plus, an easy-to-use device that tracks and stores data on the last 2,000 incoming or outgoing calls, including time of day and call duration. Caller I.D. service is needed for incoming call information.

On outgoing calls, the Phone Manager Plus lists the number dialed, time and duration of the call. No Caller ID subscription is needed.

The Phone Manager Plus will work on any phone jack in the house; it doesn’t have to be the one the phone is connected to.

Once you have these numbers you can easily find out who the number belongs to by doing a reverse phone number look up on the internet. Many of these services are free online. Do a search and you can find them. If you don’t have any luck with the reverse phone look up you can try calling the number using the caller I.D. blocking feature on your phone. On most service carriers simply press *67 then the phone # that you are dialing and it will not show the person you are calling the phone number that you are calling from. Check with your carrier to make sure that this will work on your phone.

If you are lucky the answering machine will answer and the person will state their name on the outgoing message.

There is also a product called Spoof Card. With this product you can enter the number that you want the person that calling to see. For example you could enter the number of your partner so that the person you are calling thinks that it him calling and would therefore answer the phone. You could also reverse it and call your partner using the number that he/she has been calling. It could be very incriminating if he/she answers the phone by saying “hey sexy” or something to that effect.

You could also get the phone number to the local radio station and use that number to call with. When the answer the phone say something along the lines of “this is so and so with wwkr radio, you’ve won the jackpot. Who am I speaking with please?” You could then continue on to get the name and address of the person.

You get the idea.

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